Perhaps the greatest musical surprises of recent years have been those musical experiments which approach the most beautiful songs of the treasure of Hungarian folk music in an unexpected way, that is, not with the accompaniments of authentic folk music, but rather within quite different musical environment. As a result, many musical phenomena have been accepted which might earlier have seemed inconceivable. Now we know that folk songs can be accompanied just as wonderfully by a stylishly composed jazz arrangement, in a similar way to world music, which gains inspiration from the instrumental traditions of other peoples and places emphasis on their spiritual affinity. The album ‘From Mouth to Mouth’ is sure to attract attention both in Hungary and further afield and bring yet more success to all those involved in the project.

01. Somogyindia
02. Sem eső / No Rain Falls
03. Tűzugrás / Fire Jumping
04. Elmegyek / I'm Leaving
05. Jólesik / It Feels Good
06. Apókáé / For Grandpa
07. Anyókáé / For Grandma
08. Lidlidli
09. Édes kicsi galambom / Sweetest Little Dove Of Mine
10. Gyújtottam gyertyát / I lit A Candle
11. Betlehem / Betlehem
12. Paradicsom / Paradise

Ágnes Herczku, Ági Szalóki, Szilvia Bognár - voice
Gábor Juhász - guitar
Nikola Parov - kaval, nickelharpa, low whistle, whistle, gadulka, gayda, bouzouki
László Mester - violin, viola, hit cello
Zoltán Kovács - double bass
András Dés - percussion



Anonymous said...

First song 01. Somogyindia is not complete. It's 3:39 in your rar file and 1. Somogyindia 5:07 on original disk.

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Would you tell me the code for this link?Thanks

Anonymous said...

Code is

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this album. This one is exceptionally good.


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noble said...

The link its not working :( !

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