Thierry "Titi" Robin is a self-taught musician born at the end of the 1950s in the West of France. He built his personal musical universe by borrowing instinctively from various musical sources, his two main sources of influence being the Gypsy and silk-road cultures. These two communities welcomed him warmly, the French mainstream music world not understanding his approach at the time.

Community celebrations were a way for him to test the validity of his original approach of music, taking his inspiration from these strong traditions without ever simply copying them. His two main masters at the time were flamenco cantaor Camaron de la Isla and Iraqi 'ud master Munir Bachir.

Thierry "Titi" Robin is a special artist. "World music" is a category he does not accept. Combining music from different parts of the world has no value in itself, but represents a reality, his reality. The main point is to find the best way to translate the feeling at the heart of creation and the artistic form that can express it, be it in a purely traditional style or by transforming established codes. Thierry "Titi" Robin chose to follow his own personal road, with a constant sincerity and authenticity.

This CD is one of the finest musical pieces one can find,if one is interested in spanish,middle eastern and indian music.Robin Tierry is joined on this musical beauty by a number of very talented musicians from Spain and Iran.It sounds very contemporary,even though most of the music is traditional and very classical in it's roots.Improvisations are some of the most beautifull you will ever hear.This CD is a real treasure to have!

01.Priere Gitane
02.Fandangos Maures
03.Ma Gavali (rumba)
04.La Rose De Jaipur
06.Le Marche Aux Musiciens
07.Petite-Mere Sultane
08.An Sumia
10.En Aqueste Casa
11.La Course De L'Alezan
12.La Terre Noire
13.Por Primera Vez
14.Django A Bagdad
16.Ma Gavali (bolero)
17.L'Amour S'Envole

Thierry "Titi" Robin (chant, guitar, bouzouki, oud);
Farid "Roberto" Saadna (chant, guitar);
Abdelkrim Sami (chant, percussion);
Gulabi Sapera, Hacer Toruk (chant);
Francs-Alfred Moerman (guitar);
Renaud Pion clarinet, saxophone);
Gabriel Levasseur, Francis Varis (accordion);
Pascal "Kalou" Stalin (bass);
Francois Laizea (drums);
Jorge "Negrito" Trasant (cajon)



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