This is the first recording by a band that has been both popular and successful in Hungary for several years now. It offers a cross-section of current Bulgarian folk music culture, revealing the variety, the special rhythms, the exotic melodies and the lyricism of the folk songs. Their singer, the Bulgarian Róza Bancseva’s extraordinary singing style, characteristic voice quality and the unmatchable strength of her personality provide an amazing experience.

As an added bonus guesting on the recording are the three singers from Vándor Vokál.

01.Krivo Horo (North Bulgaria)
02.Chekuryankino Horo (North Bulgaria)
03.Pravo Horo (Shope)
04.Dei Gidi (Pirini)
05.Kraidounavska Ruchenista (North Bulgaria)
06.Momino Horo (North Bulgaria)
07.Stoina (Shope)
08.Stoyana (Shope)
09.Dospatsko Horo (Rhodophes)
10.Gankino Horo (North Bulgaria)
11.Bavno Horo (Macedonia)
12.Daicsevo Horo (Shope)
13.Bouchimish (Thrace)
14.Sokol Mi (Pirin)
15.Na Purt (North Bulgaria)

Róza Bancseva - vocal
Pál Kaibinger - double bass
László Garamvölgyi - tambura
Sándor Bertalan - clarinet, flute
Szlobodán Wertetics - accordion
Géza Orczi - drums, tambura


Jannisz Szertaridisz - derbouka

Kata Izsák - vocal
Szilvia Bognár - vocal
Tünde Farkas - vocal



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