Bareh Droma is a classy little compilation of Russian gypsy music, the acceptance of gypsy culture in mainland Europe has undoubtedly improved over the last few years and the music is often promoted but in Russia, like a few genres there, it's still not that easy to get although it is available from certain websites. This compilation of classic tracks from over the years, is I find more rustic than the majority of Balkan or Iberian gypsy music and it has a unique sound of a bygone past.

The track Opai Dad sounds almost like an Eastern Siberian Inuit chant and it's obvious that where as the Balkan music has more oriental and the Iberian - North African ones, the Russian gypsy music has remained relatively untouched with maybe a few influences coming from traditional slavic songs as well as other smaller ethnicities in the region.

The guitar work on "The Little Hut" is devine whilst there is also a collection of excellent vocalists who show a lot of emotion whether it be pain or excitement as does "Wings of the Peacock" in fact I find this to be a more acoustic guitar heavy album than wind-instrument which after having listened to a lot of windy Macedonian music in particular, makes a pleasant change.

01. Poshunenti (Listen) - A. Saveliev
02. The River Neva - B. Ivanesku
03. Opai, Dad - P.Mihay, T. Mihailova
04. Britiyano - P.Mihay
05. Vanka - M. Buzyleva, M. Buzylev
06. The Lady Of The House - A. Saveliev, D. Savelyeva, L. Shishkova
07. Polka - V.Romano-Orlov, M. Buzylev
08. Wings Of The Peacock - L. Shishkova
09. Don't Judge Me - A. Kolpakov
10. Natasha - D. Savelyeva
11. The Roma Propineh (Crossroads) - B. Ivanesku
12. Potpourri - A. Buzylev
13. Kheroro (Small House) - D. Savelyeva, L. Ivanesku
14. The Little Hut - A. Buzylev
15. Dadyves (Nowadays) - A. Buzylev
16. Sosnitsa (The Little Pine Tree) - A. Saveliev
17. Pernytsa (The Down Quilt) - D. Savelyeva, A. Saveliev
18. Shel Meh Versty (A Hundred Miles) - B. Ivanesku
19. Kako Sanka (Uncle Sanka) - M. Bueypeva,N. Buzyleva



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