On their previous releases, Rumba Argelina and Temporal, Radio Tarifa explored the network of musical connections between North Africa and Spain. With this release, they burrow ever deeper into the music, tracing not only the roots of flamenco-check out the foot percussion on "Patas Negras" to hear the Moorish antecedents of a very Spanish sound-but going back as far as the Renaissance with "Si J'ai Perdu Mon Ami," with its rich oboe sound. There's even "Gujo Bushi," a Japanese tune that they make fit into the overall idea. The biggest musical change is the use of electric guitar, which can seem jarring at first. But this is robust music that's lived for centuries on both sides of the Mediterranean, and it can adapt to all manner of ideas-something Radio Tarifa have in abundance with their imaginative arrangements and strong sense of melody. Where the hypnotic senses of Moroccan trance music meet the passion of flamenco, bridging space and time, that's where you'll find Radio Tarifa.

01. Osu
02. Sin Palabras
03. El Viaje De Lea
04. Ramo Verde
05. La Molinera
06. Cruzando El Rio
07. Patas Negras
08. Gujo Bushi
09. Alab
10. El Quinto
11. Si J'ai Perdu Mon Ami

Radio Tarifa:
Benjamin Escoriza (vocals);
Fain S. Duenas (guitar, strings, bass, percussion);
Vincent Molino (winds, keyboards).

Additional personnel includes:
Merche Trujillo (vocals, pipes);
Juncal Fernandez, Cristina Codoy (vocals);
Joaquin Ruiz (percussion);
Caridad Alcazar Gutierrez, Cristina Codoy, Gema Quesada (background vocals).


pass: bluesmen-worldmusic.blogspot.com

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