Mari Boine Persen has brought the contemporary music traditions of northern Norway's Sami people, more commonly known as the Lapps, to the international stage. Forsaking traditional music for the modern sounds of "joik," Persen has incorporated influences of jazz, rock, and other ethnic music. Persen's success has been a source of pride for the Sami people. As the Norwegian newspaper VG pointed out, "ethnic music has a rather large audience outside Norway. You should be aware of the fact that perhaps the most interesting artist in this wide field of music is from the Sami people and living in Norway."

Despite early resistance based on her Sami heritage and womanhood, Persen continues to build a loyal following in her homeland. Her first two albums -- Gula Gula in 1989 and Jaskatvouda Mann in 1992 -- hinted at her skills, while, her third album, Goaskinviellja, released in 1993, received a Norwegian Grammy and marked her as one of Norway's greatest stars. Her fourth album, Leahkastin, was commissioned for the Vassajazz Festival and premiered in March 1994.

A native of the small village of Gamehhisniarga, Persen grew up singing the black spiritual-like psalms of the Christian-oriented Laestadian movement.

01. Gumppet Holvot (The Wolves Howl)
02. Ale Sat (No More)
03. Cuovgi Liekkas (Radiant Warmth)
04. Ahccai (To My Father)
05. Maid Aiggot Muinna Eallin (What Do You Want Life?)
06. Mielahisvuohta (Lunacy Lunacy)
07. Gilvve Gollat (Sow Your Gold)
08. Gullan Du (Hearing You)
09. Vuolgge Mu Mielde Bassivarrai (Come With Me to the Scared Mountain)
10. Mun Da' Han Lean Oaivamus (Just When I Had...)
11. Da Lean Mun (Here I Am)

Mari Boine: voice, djembe
Gjermund Silset: bass, percussion
Hege Rimestad: violin
Helge A. Norbakken: percussion
Roger Ludvigsen: guitars
Carlos Zamata Quispe: flute, charango



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