"Hungary’s astonishing Gypsy village band Parno Graszt's third album, This World Is Made For Me is arrived! Some of the new tracks will reveal a previously hidden character of their music: bitter, mourning 'hush' melodies sung on funerals as well as disenchanted, disillusioned love songs. Yet there's no doubt that most of the songs will get you for a rampant musical gallop on the back of a Parno Graszt with a speed over 160 BPM !!! Shavale Romale, swing into the saddle and fasten your seatbelts!"

01. Ha bemegyek a kocsmába
/ Ande te zhav ande kirchima / When I Go Down To The Pub
02. Szép lány
/ Shukar shej / Pretty Girl
03. Jaj Istenem, anyám
/ Jaj Devla, mamo / Oh My God, Mother
04. Jaj Istenem, mit csináljak
/ Ajaj Devla so te kero / Oh God, What Shall I Do
05. Ez a világ nekem való
/ Kadi luma mange laso / This World Is Made For Me
06. Jaj istenem, mit adtál
/ Aj Devlale so dan / Oh God, What Did You Give Me
07. Annyit ittam bánatomban
/ Kattyi phijom ande brigasa / Drunk Of Sorrow
08. A Muki fia
/ Le Mukisko shavo / Son Of Muki
09. Jaj de sáros ez az út
/ De chikaloj kado drom / Muddy Road
10. Szegény Sanyi milyen szép
/ Choro Sanyi de shukar / Poor But Hangdsome Sanyi
11. Az én lovamat
/ Mure grastes / My Horse
12. Megyek megyek
/ Gelem gelem / Wandering Around
13. Meghalok érte
/ Pala mero / Dying To Love Her
14. Elhagyott a feleségem
/ Mukhjas man is romnyi / My Wife Left Me
15. Menni menni, muszáj menni
/ Musaj si te zhav /Roaming, Roaming, Ever Roaming

Parno Graszt:
József Oláh - vocals, guitar, tambura
Géza Balogh - vocals, guitar
János Jakocska - Vocals, guitar
Sándor Horváth - vocals, spoons
János Oláh - vocals, double bass
István Németh - churn, oral bass
Mária Balogh - vocals
Mária Váradi - vocals

Guest Performers:
Péter Makó - taragot
Csaba Novák - double bass
László Palazsnik - viola
István Pál "Szalonna" - violin
Balázs Unger - cimbalom


pass: bluesmen-worldmusic.blogspot.com

As the 10th of 17 children of a farmer’s family Bolot grew up in the Altai mountains.
He was taught to play the Jew’s harp by his grandmother who used to play by the fire in the evening and by his uncle who was a famous ”khomus”-player. In 1992 his international career began when he won in the competition ”The Voice of Asia”. Later he played with Joe Zawinul and with various musicians from Jamaica and the USA. After some painful experiences with the Western market economy he has been working as an independent musician since 1994.

1. Alas
2. Kai Song
3. Ukok
4. Rainbow
5. Song of Mountains
6. Kurgan's Sygyt
7. Song of Heaven
8. Praying
9. Altin-Tuu


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