Mihály Dresch's Quartet is a determining band of the national jazz. A peculiar blend of folk music and jazz. As a result of its entirely individual sound and high artistic standard it is one of the most popular Hungarian band of its kind abroad. You can find a row of musical curiosities on the first Dresch album that appeared at the publisher: Dresch plays the cimbalom (this is a real surprise of our great wind player) and on the other solo instrument, the violin, we can enjoy the art of Félix Lajkó, who has since become popular with his own band as well.

1. Cimbalom zene / Cimbalom Music
2. Jókívánság / Best Wishes
3. Tedd - rá! / Put It On!
4. Napkelet / From East
5. Fecském - fecském... / My Swalow – My Swalow
6. Búcsúztató / Farewell
7. Friss / Quick Steps

Félix Lajkó – violin
Róbert Benkő – double bass
Tamás Geröly – percussion
Mihály Dresch “Dudás” – soprano and tenor sax, cimbalom, bass clarinet


pass: bluesmen-worldmusic.blogspot.com

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