This CD can be warmly recommended to all lovers of Tuvinian music. The music presented is a well performed collection of authentic vocal and instrumental pieces. Since all pieces are strictly traditional this CD cannot be compared to the performance by e.g., Sainkho. Track number 9, performed by the unusually young artist Schaktar Schulban, reveals the enormous talent of this promising singer. The CD is very interesting because next to the overview of singing styles the listener is also introduced to a representative spectrum of instrumental music.

The songs are performed by Schaktar Schulban, a 10 year old boy who has been a singer since the age of 5, the 18 years old Ondar Mongun-Ool and Bujan Dondak, the Tuva Ensemble founded in 1988 by Gennadi Tumat, German Kuular, Stas Danmaa and Alexander Saltschak.

Most of the songs are accompanied by the traditional instruments toschpulur (a lute with two strings - tracks no. 1, 2, 4, 8, 12), chomus ("jew's harp", tracks no. 3, 13 - the latter being a chomus solo performance), igil (a two-stringed instrument - tracks no. 5, 8, 14, 16), limbi (a metal flute- track no. 8), amyrga (a hunting horn, used to lure deer - track no. 8), tschansy (a lute with three strings - track no. 10) and even a shaman drum is used once (track no. 15).

Track no. 15 reminds of Shaman songs that are also sung among the Caatan living in the Mongolian region neighbouring Tuva.

01. Sygyt - Chöömej - Kargyraa - Gennadi Tumat
02. Ugbashkylar Ooldary - Tuva-Ensemble
03. Chomushgu Ayalgalar - German Kuular
04. Ogbeler - Tuva-Ensemble
05. Sygyt - Borbangnadyr - Oleg Kuular
06. Collection of Chöömej styles - Oleg Kuular
07. Chomus and Chöömej - Oleg Kuular
08. Ching S"oortukchulerining Yry - Tuva-Ensemble
09. Sygyt - Kargyraa - Schaktar Schulban
10. Sygyt - Ondar Mongun-Ool
11. Kargyraa - Bujan Dondak
12. Adym - Tuva-Ensemble
13. Chomushgu Ayalgalar - Idamchap Chomushgu
14. Tschasky-Chem Yry - Opej Andrej & Tschetschek
15. Cham Algyshy - Alexander Saltschak
16. Sygyt - Kargyraa - Opej Andrej

PERFORMERS: Gennadi Tumat, German Kuular, Oleg Kuular, Schaktar Schulban (10 years old), Ondar Mongun-Ool, Bujan Dondak, Idamchap Chomushgu, Opej Andrej, Alexander Saltschak.


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