The Budapest Klezmer Band comes from the heart of Europe, from the very geographic location where Klezmer music originates. The Band's performance is an exciting musical experience in traditional Jewish folklore.'

The band is led by composer, arranger Ferenc Jávori, who was raised on Klezmer music in Munkács (Munkacevo, nowadays part of Ukraine). He learnt his trade from some of the last surviving musicians there, where music was an integral part of Jewish life. The BKB play Klezmer music that is seeped in traditional Jewish life and folklore.

Other members of the band are also exceptional musicians, being graduates of the Franz Liszt Academy of Music of Budapest.

"Now here's a different sort of crossover - Eastern European/Hungarian/gypsy music mixed with Yiddish klezmer. The seven-piece ensemble includes clarinet (of course), violin, doublebass, accordion, harmonica, trombone, drums and all sorts of ethnic percussion instruments. Pianist and leader Ferenc Javori does all the arrangements; there is the wedding dance from Fiddler on the Roof and Yiddish songs by a couple of other composers. The sadness as well as the joy and happiness is communicated in the Yiddish music, which can really swing sometimes. The title tune instrumental is a total gas. All involved seem to be having a great party. Never mind most won't understand the few vocals. This is fun stuff!"

01. Tartar dance
02. Jewish dance
03. Ferenc Jávori: Fantasie (Fiddler On The Roof - Wedding Dance)
04. Hora
05. Sirba
06. ABraham Ellstein: Jidl mit'n fiddl' (Dunai Tamás - clarinet)
07. Ferenc Jávori: Emancipated klezmer
08. Sholom Secunda: Donna-Donna
09. Ferenc Jávori: Yiddishe Blues
10. Sholom Secunda: Bei mir bist du schejn

Ferenc Jávori - leader, piano, voice
István Kohán - clarinet
Katica Illenyi - violin, voice
Anna Nagy - accordion
Gábor Tamás - trombone
Gábor Kiss - doublebass
Balázs Végh - drums, percussion

Tamas Dunai - voice, clarinet


Les Hurlements D'Leo is a human adventure which has travelled the world: Eastern Europe, Germany, Hungary, Russia, Japan, Australia, USA, Canada.
Their music is a mixture of Java, acoustic rock and Eastern European sounds and is played on various instruments. On stage the guitar, violin, accordion, double bass, trombone, drums, trumpet, saxophone and piano join together for a most enjoyable sound.

"Gypsy, jazz, chanson and more blend with punk energy in this disc...its hard to describe with French vocals over acoustic guitars, pianos, upright bass, brass, fiddle, accordian and more sound when combined...Fans of music in general will like this..."

01 - Lame Soueur
02 - La Chambre
03 - Harley Davidson
04 - La Racheteur D'ardoises
05 - La Laisse
06 - Kaleidoscope
07 - Mon Cul!
08 - Simon Simone
09 - Ethnique Ta Mere
10 - Le D'amelie
11 - La Laisskwing
12 - Ouest Terne
13 - Roi Des Villes Roi Des Champs
14 - La Piave

Les Hurlements d’Léo are:
Laulo: Singer, guitar
Remy: Drums, Derbouka
Pepito: trompet
Zeb: Violin, guitar
Jojo: accordeon, trombon
Benbziz: saxo
Dawed: contrabass
R1: Singer, guitar



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