Bakos Árpád is a prominent musician from Vojvodina, former Yugoslavia.
He’s got a beautiful voice. The album contains Hungarian folk songs, which is played by Macedonian musicians with traditional balkan instruments. The Eastern Wind’s speciality: they keep the tradtitions and keep their personality, knowledge and the musical roots. The final result: a glowing and lively album.

01. Körbe/Round
02. Tánc/Dance
03. Keleti szél/East Wind
04. Búcsú/Farewell
05. Úton/On The Road
06. Ő/He
07. Bujdosódal/Exile Song
08. Kavalok
09. A parton/On The Coast
10. Jano mori (Macedon folksong)

Bakos Árpád - voice, koboz, Moldavian kaval
Szoluncsev Riszto - Macedonian kaval, voice
Szoluncsev Vele - tapan, def, jug
Szpaszovity Dejan - kemene, voice
Klincsarov Gyorgyi - tambura
Szilárd Mezei - oud
Kinga Mezei, Andor Nemes Kovács, Attila Mess, Zoltán Puskás - voices



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