Istvánfi Balázs belongs to the new generation of Hungarian bagpipers. He taught bag pipe playing at the Hungarian Folk Music School in Obuda, and also makes them. He is a member of the Kalamona Band and often joins the Hungarian Bagpipe Orchestra in concert as well as playing solo.

In the last piece on this CD he pays homage to Béla Bartók, who without his tireless research work into folk music the Hungarian bagpipe tradition would be significantly poorer today.

01. Glossza - Gloss
02. Tánc - Dance
03. Hadiút - War Track
04. Bánat / Zöld búzában - Sorrow / In Green Wheat
05. Öreg nóták / Toborzó - Old Tunes / Recruiting Music
06. Két kanásztánc / Betyáros - Swineherd's Dance / The Outlaw's Track
07. Szól a duda - The Bagpipe is blown


The first album of the band (Klezz Jazz) released in 2003. The lovers of folk, jazz and world music will all enjoy the nine songs this album contains.

The members of NIGUN, who don’t go only in for the same music but they are also friends, are mixing Jewish music (klezmer, sephard, folk-sacral) with jazz and free-improvisational elements.

"Impressive klezmer-inflected jazz set from a Hungarian band with some serious chops. Alto player Janos Vazsonyi reminds me of Lee Konitz at his fiery best, while clarinetist Daniel Vaezi has a lot of Perry Robinson going on. Great rhythm section work and inventive approach to oft-recorded pieces like 'Shnirele Perele."

George Robinson •

1. Skutchna
2. Chosn Kalle Mazzeltov
3. Tumbalalajka
4. Hochmec
5. Majn Jingele
6. La ’Avoda Velamelacha
7. Shnirele:Perele
8. Chasn ojf Schabess
9. Fun Tashlikh

András Párniczky: guitar
János Vázsonyi: alto saxophone
Péter Nagy: bass
Csaba Gavallér: drums, derbuka
Dániel Váczi: soprano saxophone



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