Ando Drom (On the Road) Gypsy folklore group was founded in Budapest 1984.The songs are sung in Gypsy Language, accompanied by guitar, mandolin and tambura; for percussion they use spoons, jugs, wooden through and oral bass.

Since the members come from different segments of the Hungarian Gypsy population, the group presents a wide range of styles and variations within Gypsy music and culture. They present the traditional music and dances of the Gypsy people in an authentic and, at the same time, modern way.

In addition to their concert tours abroad, they often perform in Hungary, where Ando Drom is considered to be one of the most renowned Gypsy folklore groups. They were honoured twice with "Nívó-díj", a high Hungarian musical award.

01. Iszik a kocsmán / Drinking In The Pub
02. Te szan mange piramnyi / You Are My Lover
03. Xanamiko / Brother-in-law
04. Könyörgés / Prayer
05. Na mangav me ratyija / I Don’t Need Brandy
06. Ahaj Devlam szote kerav / My God, What Shall I Do
07. Pujari szomasz - Kanak tu ternyi szanasz / I Was Child – When I Was Young
08. Naj man sella / I Have No Money
09. Bare gindura / Big Trouble
10. Raja Devla / My Lord, God
11. Csi Zsanav / I Do Not Know
12. Lasi ratyi – Kövecselik az utakat / Good Evening – They Are Making Roads
13. Pergyij e bar lulugyenca / The Garden Is Full of Flowers
14. Muro nav / My Name
15. Sza tele zsav / I Go Around The World

Jenő Zsigó - voice, guitar, mandolin, can, spoons, udu,oral bass
Imre Bihari - voice, guitar, can, oral bass
Matild Dobi - voice, dance, spoons
Gyula Bódi – accordion
István Samu - guitar



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