The band was formed in 1987 at Nagyecsed (North Eastern Hungary), and at first they interpreted the songs of the local Romania community. Most of the members moved to Budapest in 1991, the present formation of the band working together since 1998.

They represent the culture of the three main Romani groups living in Hungary, the so called Romungro, Vlach Rom and Boyash. Beside the friendships their aim is to give an authentic representation of the music (whether Gypsy or not), to reduce the prejudices among the different groups of Gypsies and to interpret this variegated culture on a high professional level. Completing their repertoire, beside the songs of Nagyecsed, they play self-composed pieces and Gypsy songs from around the world.

The band plays traditional contemporary gypsy music using a very witty, interesting and unusual orchestration. The songs very collected from Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and the Balkan area. Colorful and enjoyable compilation. Traditional sounds are mixed with modern instruments (electric guitar and drums), but the water-jug is the most characteristic elements of this music.

01. Pala Tute
02. Aven E Rrom
03. Kéket Fogott
04. Fata Mami
05. Ke Somoas Me
06. Rromani Chej
07. Butzangli Chej
08. Úgy szeretem
09. Ba More
10. Auschwitz
11. Sa Le Roma
12. So Kero
13. Mangav Tut Me
14. Baro Salcin
15. Jertisaren Mange
16. Na Dara Chajorrije
17. Esma
18. Ramajana
19. E Dej Nasvalij
20. Bute Bersenca



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