„In the early 1970’s, young urban Hungarians began to rediscover folk music and traditions. It was the time to the „folk music new wave”, and we ourselves, who had grown up in families that loved and respected folk music, song and dance, were among the first to attempt to master the techniques of instrumental Hungarian folk music.
We regularly visited village musicians in Transylvania and other Hungarian speaking areas. These „muzsikás” people tried to pass on their knowledge to us, which they did with great affection and patience. We can never be bored by this music. We listen to it at home, in our cars, on aeroplanes and we give it to our friends for Christmas. The music on this CD derives from Gyimes, Ördöngősfüzes and Kalotaszeg, and derives from some of our earliest folk music experiences. Transylvanian instrumental music embodies centureies of aesthetic values. In our concerts, we have repetadly had the experience that these melodies, reflecting essentially pure feelings and irresistible impetus are able to powerfully communicate to people, no matter where in the world they are from.
On this alum, we amimed to play and sing as our village masters did: all together, breathing as one, watching each other as we play, in order to express this music’s inner life.”

Muzsikás and Sebestyén Márta

1. Füzesi lakodalmas / Wedding in Füzes village
2. Madocsai szőlőőrző / A song from Madocsa
3. Kerekes héja és sebes / Round dance of Gyimes
4. Édesanyám rózsafája / My mother's rosebush
5. Ej, de széles / Oh, the road is long
6. Ha én rózsa volnék / If I were a rose
7. Baj, baj, baj / Trouble, trouble
8. Gyimesi dallamok / Cry only on Sundays
9. Ej, csillag, csillag / Oh, Morning Star

Mihály Sipos - violin
Sándor Csoóri Jr. - violin
Péter Éri - violin, viola, mandolin, double bass, lute, bell
Dániel Hamar - double bass, hit-gardon, hammer dulcimer

Márta Sebestyén - voice

László Porteleki - violin
Anna Helbich - vocals
Katalin Gyenis - vocals
Eszter Eredics - vocals
Ildikó Tóth (Fecske) - vocals
Zoltán Farkas (Batyu) - hit-gardon, drum, dance-noise
Márton Éri - viola, cello
András Berecz - khoomei, thorat singing
Antal Rácz - zither


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