The accordion is booming! At every corner, both geographically and musically, the longneglected allround instrument is surfacing.

Since its first tour as Accordion Tribe in 1996, this great band has guaranteed musical verve, blissful melodies and both gloomy melancholy and inquiring, searching sounds.

While their first release was – with great success – still heavily tailored to the live material of their tour at that time, the eagerly awaited current album “Sea of Reeds“ is a downright studio album (recorded in Lars Hollmer’s famous “Chicken House“ in Uppsala, Sweden). This environment allowed The Tribe to fathom out and apply the entire range of their compositional ideas and their virtuoso realization. The result is an arc of sounds (with varying instrumentation) comprising folkloristic pieces (“Silvia’s Tongue“), tango variations (“Tan-gocide“), waltz minnesongs, nordic (“Pas du valse“).
Despite the deliberate stylistic differences the band has created a remarkably homogenous and very rich album, opening up the whole cosmos of the accordion.

01. Tangocide
02. Unikko
03. Lilla Pas du Valse
04. Swither
05. Portaletyde
06. Gras
07. Goldhorn
08. Silvia's Tongue
09. Südaf
10. Tuttuni
11. Chalk Dust
12. Thursday Night's Fridays
13. Spinning Jennie

Bratko Bibic: piano accordion
Lars Hollmer: piano accordion, melodica
Maria Kalaniemi: button accordion
Guy Klucevsek: piano keyboard, convertor bass
Otto Lechner: piano accordion


Popular music has been having the kind of rebirth that classical music had at the beginning of the last century. Composers who are searching for new paths have found a flood of inspiration in the basic foundations of musical resources, most of all in folk music. In this amazing record by Katan you can find adaptations of Transylvannian-Moldavian-Hungarian folk themes and motifs.
Kata Horvati and Ancsa Papp sing these songs in such a pure, strong and powerfully expressive way that is a characteristic of performers who have truly mastered the forms of Hungarian Folk songs. And the musical "accompaniment" is an equally important companion to the new and well formed structures. It's one of the peculiarities and strengths of this album that different great artists who represent different genres of music play together. For example Mihály Borbély, a prominent figure in Hungarian Jazz culture, Ferenc Kisvári, who has played the drums on records that count as milestones in the history of Hungarian popular music, András Hajós, the singer songwriter of the band Emil.Rulez!, or Kit Walker, the American Jazz pianist, who played on Jai Juttal's record that has been nominated for the Grammies: they all gave to this record their own uniqueness and the atmospheres of the genres they play in, creating an interesting fusion with folk music.

There is a great variety of what is on offer in the markets of so called "World Music". Many "musicians" use melodies from folksongs and they just insert them into popular material without any imagination, in a shallow way, without making much mental effort.

The producers of Katan, Csaba Faltay and Ferenc Kisvári didn't just use the foundations of folk music, but they enriched the songs with their own special contributions and with incredible musical arrangements and unique musical structures.

The musical heritage the great Hungarian composers, Béla Bartók and Zoltán Kodály, the world famous adaptors of Hungarian folk music, was the inspiration for this album. The world of these great composers can be felt in the harmonisation and in the motifs of these songs, which is a kind of respectful bow from the creators of this album to those great musicians of the past.

01 Gyűrű Dal
02 Szováti
03 Déva
04 Rózsa
05 Árva Madár
06 Elmenek
07 Koszorú
08 Gergely Dub
09 Bánat

The band Katan:
Kata Horváti - vocals
Ancsa Papp - vocals

Kit Walker - piano
Mihály Borbély - wind instruments
András Hajós - vocals
Ferenc Kisvári- drums
Viktor Dudás - drums
Gábor Bruzsa - bass
Arnold Antoni- guitars
Zsófia Tallér - keyboards
Zoltán Istvánffy - electric guitar
Csaba Gyulai - gadulka
Csaba Faltay - keyboards



"Three masters of their art have joined to form the new Ferenc Snétberger Trio. With natural ease they bring together choice compositions, technical skills, improvisational drive and musical fantasy of the highest order.

Hungarian-born Ferenc Snétberger is among today's outstanding players on his instrument, one "who can display intensity and passion even at a quiet volume" (Cadence). Going for a synthesis of flamenco, classical, jazz and samba, he melts all these influences into a very personal style full of surprise, warmth, wonder and emotion. One of the leading jazz bassists of today, Norwegian Arild Andersen is famous for his full-bodied tone and his elegant playing. He has recorded dozens of great albums with the likes of Jan Garbarek, Bill Frisell, Stan Getz, Pat Metheny and Don Cherry. Italian-born Paolo Vinaccia has been living in Norway for 25 years and is a household name on the most creative Scandinavian improvisers' scene. His imaginative and colorful playing could be heard with Nils Petter Molvaer, Bugge Wesseltoft, Terje Rypdal, Palle Mikkelborg and others.

The trio's debut album "Nomad" hypnotizes the listener with breadth and clearness.
When Snétberger, Andersen and Vinaccia start to play, it is like pure magic. Charming melodies, thrilling grooves, fiery improvisations, sudden turns and fragile moments evoke sceneries right out of dreamland. Founded in 2004, this unusual trio has quickly grown into a highly celebrated live act. Critics have called them "a triangle of pan-European inspirations, an amalgam of mysticism and joy of life, dream paths and clear laughs, trance and dance". The trio's music -- ranging from modern jazz drive and world beats to decent electronic sounds and vibrant lyricism -- catches the audiences by its sheer emotional power."

01. Empathy
02. Childhood
03. Yellow
04. Nomad
05. Song To The East
06. The Fifth Frame
07. Outhouse
08. Waterkiss
09. Move
10. Air

Ferenc Snétberger: acoustic guitar
Arild Andersen: double bass, electronics
Paolo Vinaccia: drums, percussion, electronics



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