"Ah...where to begin? How about if I use one of their own quotes "Six Yanks dedicated to the preservation of fine drikin', fightin', courtin' and sailin' songs of Ireland and Scotland". That should just about say it all and yet there is much more to tell! There is so much diverse talent in these 6 musicians it's almost unfair to all the rest. They have singing/songwriting ability and are capable of playing just about any instrument known to man including bagpipes, fiddles, banjos, whistles, accordion, violin, bodhran, haggis (I have no clue what a haggis is) my favorite mandolins and of course all the usual everyday type of instruments that the rest of us struggle with. Most of all though they are just having a damn good time doing what they're doing and it shows whether in their songs or in their stage performance. This is old hat for some of them including singer Kyf Brewer who has been in the music business for a few years now.
He started back in the 80's with the Ravyns (the good old days!) then moved on to Company of Wolves and now he is again enjoying great success with Barleyjuice. Yes, there is still some time to work on some side projects for those of you who have followed his career. Keith Swanson or Swanny,another one of the founding members of the band was Pipe Major of the Loch Rannoch Pipe Band before starting up Barleyjuice a year later. I could go on and on with the individual talent in this band but the truth is if you throw these six guys in a pot, stir it round a bit, you have gold.

They have already done 3 albums starting in 2003 with "One Shilling" followed by "Another Round" and finally giving us "Six Yanks" in 2006.

So put on your kilts...don't tell me you don't own one! Alright you might have to find one...look on the Internet under "kilts" and get down to see the band. I promise you the time of your life, but after all the whiskey and beer I won't promise you that you'll remember it. Just an excuse to do it again!"

01. Misty Mornings Miss'd
02. Pretty Wild Bride
03. Modern Pirates
04. Love With A Priest
05. Real Old Mountain Dew
06. Beauty And The Rum
07. More Pipes
08. Tartan Is The Colour Of My True Loves Hair
09. Tim Finegans Wake
10. Dear Ould Ireland
11. Whiskey
12. A Bands A Band For A That

Kyf Brewer (vocals, guitar, accordion, harmonica, bagpipes, congas, bodhran, tin whistle)
Keith Swanson (vocals, guitar, bouzouki, mandolin, bagpipes, tin whistle, bass)
Billy Dominick (fiddle, vocals, violin)
Jimmy Carbomb (whistle, banjo)
Eric Worthington (bass, backing vocals)
Gregor "The Shredder" Schroeder (drums, vocals)


pass: bluesmen-worldmusic.blogspot.com

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