Sara Alexander is a unique artist. An artist in musical terms, of course, a splendid musician (accordion and guitar), singer and composer, who has recorded and worked the world over. But also, an artist of life, full of curiosity, joie de vivre, and most of all, full of tolerance and understanding of human nature. Born in Israel of a Romanian, Jewish, gypsy father and a Turkish Jewish mother, Sara took to music at an early age, absorbing all the influences from the surrounding Arab culture as well as from the Jewish immigration, bringing with it songs from all over the world. She can count on the complicity of musicians that are, like her, travellers from different origins, and who master the arabesques of the oud, the saz or the ney as brilliantly as they play various electronic instruments. Her warm, deep voice, which is that of an oriental blues singer, and her sensitive and luminous accordion play walk the confines of Greece, Turkey, Spain and North Africa, melting all into an imaginary country where gypsy passion, oriental languor, klezmer humour and contemporary composition grow into something new and original. Sara started travelling with her music early on, and has lived in Europe for many years now, never forgetting about the problems in the part of the world from which she has come, and doing all she could to help contribute to the understanding between the people, especially between Israelis and Palestinians. For her engagement, that made her meet with many personalities from the political and social world, she has had much recognition (from the UN, from the French government that awarded her the Legion d’Honneur, from the Smithsonian Institute that made her a laureate, and many more). She will never stop pursuing in her quest of mutual understanding, and as we all know, music is the best way to communicate across borders and language barriers.

Her album “Café Turc” is strongly anchored in the traditions of the people around the Mediterranean Sea, but also inspired by the Balkan musical tradition, assembles instrumentalists from Turkey, Greece, France, and Italy. Dream of a Gypsy cabaret in Istanbul, add some modern, arab, jewish & indian influences. There, you've got a bitter & sweet Turkish Coffee for a journey till the end of the night.

01 - Café Turc
02 - Madré
03 - Nakhash
04 - Hirourim
05 - Doudaim
06 - Orkha Ba Midbar
07 - Yam Hatichon
08 - Yonathan
09 - Sabar
10 - Syoum

Sara Alexander: voice, accordion, guitar
Pierre Rigopoulos: darbouka, zarb, daf
Anello Capuano: oud, saz, mandolin
Philippe Briegh: clarinet, violin, saxes

Guest musicians:
Mesut Ali: ney
Yannis Vlachos: bouzouki, guitar



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