The Karavan familia Gipsy world music and folk group plays traditional folk music arrangements from the different dialects of their native culture with individual effects and sounds. They have in their performances Gipsy music not only from Hungary, but from the Balkans, Romania, Russia and from Spain – formed to their own style.

The group was formed by István Nagy in 2002. He was born 1969 in Budapest. He taught himself and was influenced by various kinds of folk music and the afro American blues. When he was 15 he was already performing as a blues-musician. (guitar & blues harmonica)

At the end of the 1980’s he connected to the Hungarian Gipsy folklore movement. In 1989 joined the Romanyi Rota ensemble, with which he worked for 13 years. (He did different arrangements, wrote lyrics in Gipsy Romani language, and he was one of the main singers of the group, he played guitar, bouzouki, mandolin, tambura and wooden spoons.) As a member of the band he was awarded the Hungarian distinction of 'Young Master of Folk Arts' in 1995. He made two CDs with the mentioned group which are till nowadays the most authentic Gipsy folk records. (Romanyi Rota: O cerhariko – 1994 Etnofon; Romanyi Rota: Phiravelman kalyi phuv – 1999 Fonó Records)

Simultaneously he was one of the founded members of the Gipsy band of Romano Kokalo with the famous Gipsy cimbalom player, Kálmán Balogh. The two musicians combined their artistic manner and so Romano Kokalo was converted the most progressive Hungarian Gipsy band in the end of the 1990’s.

01. Shej baxtali (Lucky Girl)
02. Blues for Dimo
03. Rumba korkores (Lonely Rumba)
04. Bare droma (Big Roads)
05. Si man voja (I Have a Good Time)
06. Otthon, Szabolcsban (At Home, In Szabolcs County)
07. Romengo dives (The Day of the Gipsies {Ederlezi})
08. Ando baro foro (In the Big City)
09. Amari familija (Our Family)
10. Sáros utca (Muddy Street)
11. Gipsy Crossroads
12. O dadoro (The Daddy)
13. Nikoletta
14. Avel o shavo (The Gipsy Boy Is Coming)
15. O trajo (The Life)
16. Tradav (I'm Driving)
17. Me sim baxtalo (I'm Lucky)
18. Zhas khere! (Let's Go Home!)

István Nagy (leader) - vocal, guitar (el. ac.), tamboura (el. ac.), blues-harp
Nikolett Nagy - vocal, guitar, darbouka, dance
Ilona Farkas - vocal, dance
István Nagy Jr. - vocal, guitar, wooden spoons, water can

Slobodan Wertetić - accordion



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