Eccentric French ensemble play a mutant fusion of jewish, arabian and gypsy folk music with shed-loads of energy and humour. The musicianship is amazing, especially the relentless thumping piano, played as a percussive backdrop to the fiddles, the woodwind and the brass. Joyous, danceable, atmospheric - a highly addictive mix!

01. Yé ké ké
02. Qua les cerveaux croassent
03. Sugar Breizi love
04. Sova
05. Yddish roumain
06. Thé ő lek
07. Les eaux d' Armor
08. Franch Liche
09. La kajazazeu
10. Budala
11. Ne ké short
12. Gara tagül

Accordion, Vocals - Erik-Raoul Goellaén
Percussion - Dominque Molard
Piano, Keyboards, Vocals - J.P Le Cornoux
Saxophone - Jeanno Jory
Trumpet, Bugle, Vocals - Gabriel Kerdoncuff
Violin - Sylvain Larriere



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