Vents D'est is a collaboration between the ensembles Ghymes and Vujicsics and is led by French musician Michel Montanero. On this release they are also joined by Corou De Berra.
"So many excellent musicians on one recording! “Composer-musician M. Montanaro, with Vents d’Est, rewrites the geographical map of Europe with jazz and folk music, Czech, Slovak, Serb, Hungarian or French violins and harmonies are laced sometimes with swing sometimes with sacred music."

1. a) Maureasca
b) Tarasco
2. a) Lo Senher
b) Agamemnon
3. a) Quando L'Amore
b) Le Feu
4. a) Bravade
b) Lei Bofets
c) Caramentran
d) Adieu Paure Carneval
e) Farandola
5. Un Pont Sur La Mer' Khass'
6. a) Solo
b) Malinconica Rossa
7. a) Milena
b) Chanson De La Mer
c) Milena


Miqueu Montanaro - galube, tamburine, flutes

Szarka Tamás - violin
Buják Andor - clarinet, viola
Buják Krisztián - clarinet
Szarka Gyula - double bass
Pukkai Attila - cimbalom

Borbély Mihály - clarinet, saxophone
Horváth Zoltán - tambura
Béhr László - cimbalom
Eredics Gábor - accordion, tambura
Szendrodi Ferenc - tambura
Eredics Kálmán - double bass

Michel Bianco - direction
Françoise Marchetti, Alba Spéra, Nadine Giordano, Michel Bianco, Primo Francoia,Clovis Princivalle - choristes

Pedro Aledo - guitar, vocal
Fabrice Gaudé - percussions
Mathieu Luzi - zither, vocal
Serge Pesce - guitar
Carlo Rizzo - percussions, vocal
Christina Vodraska - piano
Sara Alexander, Gulseren Yildirim, Sonia Benchikh, Hayet Ayad, Carlo Rizzo, Georges Moustaki, Nena Venetsanou, Renat Sette, Samia & Hakima Benchikh - vocal



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