"Attention, World Music fans, beware: the Hungarians are coming! Here is a group whose following takes to the dance floor at the first notes of each concert and just cannot stop dancing. Besh o droM's music is a highly original alloy of East European folk music vernaculars such as Hungarian, Rumanian, Bulgarian, Southern Slav, Greek musical dialects, not to speak of the marked Gypsy, Turkish and Mid-East leanings. The group often finds itself at odds with the folk purists as they take their material out of the museum showcase to arrange it in their highly original fashion - considering this heritage as anyone's treasure trove. Their name, Besh o droM, is a Gipsy idiom for "Go your own way!". And so they do."

"They start at full speed with "Nekemtenemmutogatol Oro," as they whirl between a few different melodies during the piece. They slow down for "Neyem, Neyem..." and there is a precision to the music that brings out the dance. "Csango Menyhart" is a fun piece that would fit any slapstick chase. The vocals in "Engem Anyam Megatkozott (My Mother Cursed Me)" have a nasal edge to them that takes a moment to get used to, and then it fits right in with the music. "Introduction" is an instrumental introduction to the group that flows right into "Cigansko Oro," with its mixture of old and new styles of music. "Afghan" is enticing, the notes sliding around you; foreign, unknown and intoxicating. They start off with some jazz in "Csujogato (Yell)," then add some rap into the mix and somehow it all works. "Pergeto (Scat Song)" seems to contain a bit of all the previous songs plus some others and it is a blast. There is a strong bluegrass flavour to "Koczkae," the shortest piece on the CD. They introduce you to the melodies first in "Kanna Solo" and then they twist them ever so slightly as they repeat them. "Igenyes Iegenyes (Man's Dance)" has an irreverent edge to it; somehow you know they are messing around with the melodies even if you can't quite tell how. They throw in some sound effects for "Manocsavo," and close the piece off on one. The last song, "Szeles Vilag (Big Wide World)" has the feel of a parting song.Besh o droM take traditional melodies and then go off in new directions. At times there is a strong sense that the melodies on Can't Make Me! are traditionally played very differently. The music they create stays with you -- it is fun, and it is wonderful. Listen, no dance to it, interact with it and enjoy."

- Rambles, Paul de Bruijn

Ádám Pettik - derbuka, water can, percussion, lead vocal
Gergö Barcza - alto saxophone, ney, vocal
Attila Sidoo - guitar, vocal
József Csurkulya - cimbalom, vocal
Péter Tóth - trumpet, vocal
László Békési - tenor saxophone, clarinet, vocal
Tamás Zsoldos - bass guitar

Juhász Miczura Mónika (Micu) – lead voice (4,9) and oral bass (9)
Géza Orczy – tapan (1-14), buzuki (1)
DJ Mango - rap (6), scratch (6,8)
Busa - scratch (8)

Part 1.
Part 2.

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From record label:
"The exceptional pastry, the devil’s bomb, is born from a mixture of ingredients seemingly foreign to one another (flour, eggs, milk, fat, cocoa); here Béla Ágoston takes the devil’s bomb approach in tuning together worlds of music seemingly foreign to one another. At first seemingly divergent, the sounds of big band, free jazz, various dialects of Hungarian folk music, influences of balkan melodies and rhythm, atmospheres of classical music and references from pop music - speak together and one after another. But the means of kneading all these together is what makes the music of Ördögbomba original.

Béla Ágoston is a truely universal musician: he is equally at home in jazz (in the bands: Mecseki Free, Dél-alföldi Saxofone Ensemble) and in the world of folk music (Vízöntő, Vasmalom). This recording has a good balance of arrangements with references to a purer folk sound and the more jazz-like (sometimes jazz-rock). The flow of dynamic, serious, sensitive alternating with the ironic numbers inspire listening."

From the band:
"...In our case, the new frame involves a violinist and a bassist from a string band, a guitarist from a tamboura band, a saxophonist and a percussionist from a wind band and a bagpipe-player, who is the preserver of the old style of play. Our music is a mixture which floats between the Earth and the Soul with its modern rhythm, old tunes and throbbing dynamics.: WORLD MUSIC."

01. Star Track
02. Night-Day Greetings
03. Two Wizards
04. Dog-Rondo
05. The Hungarian Mother
06. The Deer’s Foiling
07. The Devil’s Bomb
08. Rabrigóri
09. Bosnyák Square
10. Antique Vita
11. Archangel Choir

Béla Ágoston – voice, saxophone, bagpipe
Zoltán Szabó – bagpipes, clarinet
Tamás Gombai – violin
Attila Fülöp – electric guitar
Ernő Hock – double-bass
Tamás Csécs – drums

Balázs Szokolay Dongó – bagpipe, beat-box
László Nyíri – violin
Katica Szabó – voice
Miklós Vincze – voice, riq
Károly Babos – percussion
György Klingler, Zoltán Szeleczki – vita
Kinga Cserjési, Emese F. Kármán, Balázs Fellegi, János Fátrai – voice


pass: bluesmen-worldmusic.blogspot.com

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