The authentic gipsy folklore is more and more strong and colorful. One of its most excellent representatives is Amaro Suno. The Gypsy folk music ensemble Amaro Suno - Our Dream, started in 1994. All of the members of the ensemble had been involved in music for several years before the group was formed. There are four members of the group, three males and one female. The leader is Ernó Bihari. Activities over the last years have included many performances in festivals in Hungary, at cultural events, participation in the Dance House Festival in Budapest for the past two years, the III Festival of European Minorities in Veszprém and at the International Gypsy Folk Dance Festival in Sátoraljaújhely.

They perform material from Szabolcs and Zala Counties and from Romania, much of which was obtained through Katalin Kovalcsik at the Hungarian Academy of Music and partially through their own field work.

01 - Opre Pe Vulica
02 - Szijek Sej
03 - Sotolica Motolica
04 - Raja Devla
05 - Álom a szememen
06 - Hallgató
07 - Gelem Andi Kircsima
08 - Addig máma
09 - Na Mangav Me Ratyija Cini Sej
10 - Kutka Avel E Sej Bari
11 - Kannás
12 - Vasvari Pergető
13 - Aj Devlale Szo Kerdem
14 - Kutka Tele Pasa Paji

Dobi Matild - vocals
Bihari Zsolt - tambura, guitar, oral bass
Sztojka László - double bass
Balogh Mihály - tambura, vocals
Bihari Ernő - guitar, water can, oral bass, vocals



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