This 19-song compilation features a wide variety of artists from this small but influential island off the Senegalese coast. Opening with Cesaria Evora and an early tune, "Papa Joachim Paris," the album visits luminaries like Simentera, Paulino Vieira, and Tito Paris and introduces you to many less famous but deserving names. Real roots come from the Mindel Band with a raw violin and a perpetual groove. Luis Morais's band is jazzy and fun. Voz de Cabo Verde are sweet and homey. The album closes with a live, lush, yet ragged "Lundum" by Vieira and Celina Pereira, a perfect island tune of slight melody and lots of feeling.

01. Papa Joachin Paris - Cesaria Evora
02. Miss Perfumado - Humbertona & Piuna
03. Falso Testemunho - Maria Alice
04. Partida - Djosinha
05. Boas Festas - Luis Morais
06. Otilia/Otilio - Tito Paris
07. O Bernard' - Ana Firmino & Travadinha
08. Pais Di Mel - Teofilo Chantre
09. Situacoes Triangulares - Bau
10. Fidjo Maguado - Chico Serra
11. Sina De Cabo Verde - Bana
12. Galo Bedjo - Titina
13. Cercode - Mindel Band
14. Dia C'Tchuva Bem - Simentera
15. Carinha Di Bo Mae - Voz De Cabo Verde
16. Serpentina - Bana
17. Cutch Cutch - Amandio Cabral
18. Saude - Celina Pereira
19. Lundum - Celina Pereira & Paulino Vieira


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