Fodor Sándor "Neti" was an acknowledged master in Transylvanian folk music.
Here you can listen to one of the last concerts held in Fonó Music Hall by Fodor Sándor "Neti" , the famous first violin from Kalotaszeg.

The sound recording preserve the atmosphere of this evening on this record. No information can be found on the cover, the music and photos themselves commemorate this grand master of violin.

Fodor Sándor "Neti" (1922 - 2004) was a representative of the lost generation of great Transylvanian Traditional Fiddlers. These musicians which for the most part are Gypsies, have entertained the people of Transylvania for centuries. They transformed the style of Transylvanian instrumental music, a style which from the eighteenth century onward could already be considered as specific to the Carpathian Basin.

On this re-issued recording, Hungarian, Romanian and Gypsy music intermingle, echoing the general, but at the same time distinctive ring of the Transylvanian spirit. This common language beyond spoken language is dying out, as it is swept away by the consumer society, which largely appeared after the changes in 1989.

Fodor Sándor "Neti"is well-known and respected in folk music circles. Whenever he appears amongst us (always with his violin), we celebrate him, and can't wait till meet him again."

01. Legényes
02. Keserves és szapora
03. Dojna
04. Legényes II.
05. Legényes III.
06. Invirtita
07. Hajnali
08. Csárdás és szapora
09. Szapora
10. Hajnali, invirtita és szapora
11. Legényes és szapora
12. Keserves és hajnali



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