It is more like tales-music than world-music. The Fringe-winner band mixes Gypsy, Hungarian, Celtic, Jewish and Balcanian motives in great harmony.

From the band:
"We formed our band in 2006 and made our first public appearance at the Budapest Fringe Festival where we were awarded a special prize for professionalism. We have since given concerts in several festivals, cultural institutions and clubs all over Hungary. Our first album, Csindratta, featuring our own compositions was published at the end of 2006. Our eclectic musical world is inspired by the exciting rhythms, many-coloured themes and the extreme emotional heatedness of the peoples of our neighbouring countries. All this is infused with contemporary musical studies and experiences, often seasoned with elements borrowed from modern electronic music."

Edina Szirtes „Mókus” - voice, violin, piano, pipe
Guszti Balogh – voice, tajt, oral bass
Balázs Cserta – wind instruments
Kornél Varga – guitar, tajt
Gábor Földes – bass, tajt, grooves, effects
Ákos Kertész – percussions

Special Guest:
Wertetics Szlobodán – accordeon
Árpád Dennert – soprano saxophone

01. Intro
02. Semminek ágán / On Nothing's Branch
03. Furfangos dal / Tricky Song
04. Istenem, Istenem! / Oh My God!
05. Kis Mókustánc / Short Squirrel Dance
06. Macedon / Macedonian
07. „Tajt” From Kömpöc
08. Fado
09. Fóka és a finn kislány / Seal & The Finnish Little Girl
10. Almafa / Apple Tree
11. Sherlock Holmes
12. Álom, álom, szerelem / Dream, Dream, Love
13. Kendőm alá rejtelek / I Hide You Under My Scarf
14. Csindratta / Bal lyho
15. Istenem REMIX / REMIX, My God!



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