The band's elusive, winning sound reflects the elliptical nature of their instrumental anarchy: accordion, hurdy-gurdy, banjo, guitar, mandolin, balalaika, ukulele, strings, double bass, bagpipes, recorders, woodwinds, brass, assorted percussion, and occasional vocal rendition. An eclectic repertoire gives their music a captivating freshness, essaying Bavarian, Swiss, Corsican, Polish and British Isles strains, Cajun, French bourrées, Balkan, Gypsy and Jewish tunes, New World folk traditions north and south, neo-funk, Russian laments, waltzes and Scottish piping. German roots music will never be (and never was) the same.

Apart from a few minor changes in the choice of songs, the CD is much like the German ROCK´N ROLL 13. Recorded very much live, the CD shows the harsh truth about our first few years.

01.Der Zug um 7.40 Uhr
02.Bourree dite d'Aurore Sand
04.Valse A Cadet
05.Who stole the Keeshka
06.A Scuttiscia
08.Le Waltz
09.Folk song
10.Shalom Alechem
11.Arriba muchacho
12.King Arthur's Liver
13.Jovano Jovanke
14.Chassidic Song
15.Die Ungarn-Nummer
17.Der Song von Mandelay


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