"Ida was born in the Czech Republic and is of Roma-Moravian origin. A musician by body and soul, everlasting rover in love with life, filled with both pain and joy, gains and losses but above all in love with vivacious and creative people. She sings and teaches gypsy songs to reveal and heal our deep emotions, because in each of us, as Ida says, is incredible power, which gets liberated by singing from the heart. She guides people to try and become a Gypsy for a while. Her singing and herwork not only give people shivers down the spine, but is also respected by professionals. It is a woman with soul, which she can uniquely share with others, spend herself completely. Her singing can be neither imitated nor learnt.

Ida's father, KOLOMAN BITTO, was one of the greatest personalities in the branch of music in our country. He had a beautiful pure Roma heart. Music was his life. He made a decision for Ida. Even though nowadays it is him and his music to have become Ida's chief source of inspiration, she started to study piano and violoncello at the age of 6 already. She studied with her first excellent teachers at the People's Music School in Opava and later at Janácek's Academy of Music in Brno. After completing her studies, she joined Divadlo na Provázku (The Theatre on the String), one of the most famous theaters of that time. In 1982 Ida moved to Wales, in 1985 to Denmark, in 1988 to Norway and then back to Wales. After the death of her father, she understood that her father's
blood runs in her veins so strongly, that at least through songs she can give back all the love she received from him and voice his legacy also to other people. She started to give concerts on her own, singing and playing the piano. In 1995 Ida returned home for good. She lives in a small town in Czech-Moravia Highlands. Ida is a founder of The International School for Human Voice. This school is a place where Ida wants to settle her unique work and thus provide a base for opportunities to meet other ethnic groups or cultures. The School is based on knowledge and experience of Ida's fifteen years of art work in Western Europe and the inspiration from her Eastern Gypsy culture roots.

Together with Desiderius Duzda they founded in 1998 a gypsy band : ROMANO RAT. With this band, they perform successfully all over the world. They also published an album together called Ida KELAROVA & ROMANO RAT (Gypsy Blood). In 1999, Ida also founded a chorus of Roma female singers CHAJA, which became attractive part of Romano Rat and Ida's concerts at international festivals. The chorus also enriches the concerts by female dynamics, which represents very important part of Roma culture.
Romano Rat and Chaja are a group of young talented artists, who give concerts together, compose and record... or teach all over the world and share a common journey: they sing and play for everyone, regardless of the color of skin."

01. Mamo na birinav/Mum, I Am Dying
02. Me mange/A Wedding Song
03. Imar tu chaje, ma uzar/Don't Expect Me Anymore
04. Chaje, chaje/Lassie, Lassie
05. Na birinav/I Can't Go On
06. Pal amaro calo svetos/All Around the World
07. Slugadzis/A Soldier
08. Dzas/Together We Go
09. Dzava mange, dzava/I Will Just Take a Road
10. Andro pani pejlom/In the Water I Fell
11. Le, more, e braca/Hey Man, Play
12. Ko kodoj/Who Is It
13. Nane cocha/I Have No Skirt

I.Kelarova: lead vocals, piano,
D.Duzda: lead vocals, guitar,
M.Dzudova: vocals,
M.Horvath: violin, vocals,
R.Horvath: accordion, vocals,
M.Kroka: guitar, vocals,
V.Dorda: bass, vocals


pass: bluesmen-worldmusic.blogspot.com

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