"If you've lamented the dearth of klezmer rock bands, Golem is out to win your heart. Pushing the tempo - not to mention the envelope - the New York-based band puts a unique spin on contemporary Jewish music. "I tried to imagine how Tom Waits would record a klezmer album," says band founder Annette Ezelkiel. Nowhere is this wild Waitsian sensibility more apparent than on the driving "Bialystok." Golem, named after the legendary Jewish Frankenstein of Prague, has named their songs after old-world places, the longed-after locales of the unsettled diaspora. Golem's reinterpretation of the classic "Rumenye" is a crazy blend of "Metamorphosis," the Violent Femmes, and homesickness. Not all of the songs are so wild; the plaintive tombone of "Belz" wouldn't shock your alte bobe. But Golem is a new kind of Jewish band, combining a respect for tradition with a proclivity toward the sensual and melodramatic. A highly enjoyable album from a band to watch."

01. Odesaa
02. Chiribim
03. Grine Kuzine
04. Romanesh
05. Mito
06. Nikolayev
07. Rumenye
08. Bukovinsky
09. Zlatopol
10. Bialystok
11. Turkmenistaner
12. Belz

Aaron Diskin: vocals, tambourine
Alicia Jo Rabins: violin
Curtis Hasselbring: trombone
Taylor Bergren-Chrisman: contrabass
Laura Cromwell: drums


pass: bluesmen-worldmusic.blogspot.com

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