The aim of this CD is to make the rich and diverse music of the Hungarian War of Independence in 1848-49 more well-known. The selection is based on period manuscripts, collections and on compilations by prominenent Hungarian historians, and also on the bands' own collections.
The songs on the album try to illustrate the most different strata of vocal and instrumental music from that age, ranging from the most archaic tunes and perfoming, up to the freshest, partly folklorised songs dating from that period.

"The history of a nation can most precisely be known form the existing writings of chroniclers and form the results of historical science. Neverthless, the hisorical consciousness of the masses and also the collective memory (which is a particular projection of the former) bear considerable significance. A retrospective view on the outstanding events and figures of history will show that the richest material in folklore is associated with revolution and the war of independence. This is partly due to the fact that the collective memory, which is able to span some generations has not forgotten them. On the other hand the time distance is big enough for the period words of art or earlier words recomposed by the people, as well as pieces of well-known poets and composers to polish to more perfection in the process of bequest. This selection is based on period manuscripts, collections, compilations, on the national collection from 1948-49, special bibliography on folk music and ethnography and also our own collections. The program attempts to illustrate the most different strata of vocal and instrumental music from the period of the independence war, form the pieces of most archaic melody and performance, yet actualised lyrics to the most fresh, partly folklorised songs belonging to that period."

01. Bécs várostól nyugatról keletre
02. Ütik a rézdobot
03. Jön Kossuth, jön
04. Kossuth-nóta
05. Kossuth Lajos azt izente
06. Kossuth Lajos a vezér
07. Este későn megpendítik a dobot
08. Azt beszélik oda föl
09. Megtanultam tótul, svábul
10. Kossuth izenete eljött
11. Erdély körül van kerítve
12. Rákóczi induló, féloláhos és verbunk
13. Gábor Áron rézágyúja
14. Krakowiak (A lengyel légió táncnótája)
15. Garibaldi nóták
16. Kun verbunk
17. Áldja meg az Isten azt az édesanyát
18. Kispejlovam megérdemli a zabot
19. Ezernyolcszáznegyvennyolcban

Zoltán Juhász - duct flute, long duct flute, flute, badpipe
Kálmán Sáringer - duct flute, long duct flute
Éva Fábián - gardon, voice
András Berecz - voice
(1, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 17)

Béla Halmos - violin
Tamás Petrovits - cimbalom
Péter Dövényi - viola
András Nagymarosy - bass, tamburica, ádurica
Éva Fábián - voice
(1, 4, 7, 13, 14, 15, 16, 18, 19)

Katalin Juhász - voice
Gergely Agócs - shawn, clarinet, voice
Réka Juhász, Dénes Juhász, Lilla Juhász, Anna Sáringer, Gergely Dövényi, Katica Szabó - voice



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