Pure Transylvanian Folk Music - this is the folk music that people who live in Transylvania listen to.
Panek Kati and Bodzafa means the same for Transylvanian as Márta Sebestyén means for Hungary.
Kati was one of the founders of the dance house movement in Transylvania and also of the Bodzafa (The Elder Tree) Band. During the Ceaucescu regime, the Elder Tree members emigrated and became leading musicians in Hungary.
For over 20 years Kati has been an actress in the Hungarian Theatre of Kolozsvár (Cluj). It has been 15 years since the Elder Tree released their last album in Transylvania, now they have come together again to record this new album - an album of pure Transylvanian Folk Music.
Be sure and check out the solo release by the violinist featured on this CD Papp István "Gázsa".

1. Gyimesi Ballada
2. Gyimesi Keserves és tánczene
3. Magyarózdi népzene
4. Magyarszováti népzene
5. Kalotaszegi népzene
6. Nagysajói Hangszeres népzene
7. Magyarlapádi népzene
8. Moldovai Ballada

Kati Panek - voice
István "Gázsa" Papp - violin
László Kelemen - viola
Zoltán Szalay - double bass
Imre Bokor - violin
István Pávai - hit-gardon
Levente Székely - violin
Lajos Toró - viola


pass: bluesmen-worldmusic.blogspot.com

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