A young Hungarian band whose name Vodku v Glotku is Russian for "Vodka to my throat!" Vodku play European Jewish music mixed with other Balkan genres.

From record label:
"Musical group Vodku v glotku was founded in the year 2000, in Budapest, Hungary. The goal of the band is to introduce the folk music of the nations throughout Central and Eastern Europe, mixed with its own musical concepts. The dominant elements in the music of the band are Hungarian, Jewish, Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, as well as other folk motives from Central and Eastern Europe and the Balkans. This is mixed with the elements of rock, jazz and other progressive musical styles. As a result, a musical world is created on the stage, which makes feel home the many nations inhabiting the Central and Eastern European region.
Since 2001, the band Vodku v glotku had hundreds of successful concerts throughout Hungary, they also visited Serbia nd Montenegro, Slovakia and Austria, and they had two tours in Mexico in 2001 and 2005."

01. Haszid / Chasid
02. Moldvai / Moldavian
03. Albán / Albanian
04. Mit akar az eső... / What The Rain Tels...
05. Óbolgár / Old Bulgarian
06. Újbolgár / New Bulgarian
07. Szól a kakas már... / The Rooster Is Crowing...
08. Népdal / Folk Song
09. Gépzsír / Converse Pink
10. Galíciai / Galytzianer
11. Ballada / Ballad
12. Viszockij / About Volodya Vysotzky
13. Nyakak a jégen / Necks On Ice
14. Paploma
15. Gitsenbass

István Bata - guitar, vocal, trumpet
Éva Gadanecz - vocal
Attila Kiss - drums
Júlia Nedeczky - clarinet, saxophone, vocal
Gábor Ruthner Jero - bass, electric guitar
Árpád Szabó - violin, vocal

Special guest:
Adél Kováts - vocal


pass: bluesmen-worldmusic.blogspot.com

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