"The soundtrack to the film of the same name by Andreas Dresen was created much like the film itself and above all – very unusually – along with the film.

“Halbe Treppe” had no fixed written script. The actors and film team lived in Frankfurt/ Oder for three months, filming several scenes and in the evenings looking at what they had come up with and thinking about how the story might be continued the following day.

We joined them in Frankfurt/Oder from time to time, each time bringing new songs, which Andreas used directly for the filmed scenes. Thus the music suddenly helped decide which direction the story was to take: melancholic, happy, hopeless or uplifting…"

17 Hippies

01. Oros I
02. Gelb zwo drei
03. Isabeau...
04. Kein Feuerzeichen
05. Sandgate
06. Fische
07. Elf-Achtel
08. Tanz des Bauern mit den dicksten Kartoffeln
09. Gabis Lied
10. Isa auf der Brücke
11. Die Oros
12. Immer noch kein Feuerzeichen
13. Dorfwalzer
14. Fahrstuhlmusik
15. Im Schnee
16. El Balado
17. Gator's grin
18. E major
19. Vespa
20. Kolomeyke
21. E major II
22. Mad bad cat


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