This album is like an exotic trip through the Arabian desert, and reminiscent of the glory days Led Zeppelin.
Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, former guitarist and singer for Led Zeppelin, respectively, take the listener on a journey with the use of foreign musicians and instruments including Egyptian bamboo flutes, mandolins, and bodhrans.

Much of the music on "No Quarter" has a Middle-Eastern feel to it. Page and Plant enlist the help of the London Metropolitan Orchestra and an Egyptian ensemble to create the magnificent and dreamy sound of Middle-Eastern music mixed with Western rock. The result is fabulous.

What I am most blown away with is how different many of the songs sound. Some, such as "Thank You" and "Gallows Pole," are basically the same as the Zeppelin classics. Many, however, sound as if they went in for plastic surgery. My favorite example is the first song on the album, "Nobody's Fault But Mine." I always thought the original Led Zeppelin version was alright, but when I heard Page and Plant's version, I was pleasantly surprised. It is slower,more beautiful, and, in my opinion, better than the original.
Jimmy Page and Robert Plant's "No Quarter" captures the mystery, power and life of music it self.
"No Quarter" is a breath of fresh air in a world of recycled music.

01. Nobody's Fault But Mine
02. Thank You
03. No Quarter
04. Friends
05. Yallah
06. City Don't Cry
07. Since I've Been Loving You
08. The Battle Of Evermore
09. Wonderful One
10. That's The Way
11. Gallow's Pole
12. Four Sticks
13. Kashmir

Jimmy Page: Guitars, mandolin, vocals.
Robert Plant: Vocals.
Charlie Jones: Bass guitar, percussion.
Michael Lee: Drums, percussion.
Ed Shearmur: Keyboards, organ, piano.
Porl Thompson: Guitars, banjo.
Nigel Eaton: Hurdy gurdy.
Jim Sutherland: Mandolin, bodhrán.
Abdel Salam Kheir: Oud.
Ibrahim Abdel Khaliq: Percussion.
Hossam Ramzy: Percussion.
Farouk El Safi: Daf, bendir.
Najma Akhtar: Backing vocals.
Bashir Abdel Al Nay: Strings.
Amin Abdelazeem: Strings.
Ian Humphries: Violin.
David Juritz: Violin.
Elizabeth Layton: Violin.
Pauline Lowbury: Violin.
Rita Manning: Violin.
Mark Berrow: Violin.
Ed Coxon: Violin.
Harriet Davies: Violin.
Rosemary Furness: Violin.
Perry Montague-Mason: Violin.
David Ogden : Violin.
Janet Atkins: Viola.
Andrew Brown: Viola.
Rusen Gunes: Viola.
Bill Hawkes: Viola.
Caroline Dale: Cello.
Ben Chappell: Cello.
Cathy Giles: Cello.
Stephen Milne: Cello.
Sandy Lawson: Didjeridu.
Storme Watson: Didjeridu.



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