"This fine French guitarist and oud player has gathered a delightful group of singers and players to explore the highways and byways of Gypsy music. The sounds of Western and Eastern Europe, of Pakistan and India, and of North Africa all join beautifully on this excellent CD. From out of the east come the memorable female vocalist Gulabi Sapera and tabla maestro Hameed Khan. The powerful flamenco voices of Paco el Lobo and Bruno and Mambo Saadana meld with well-played guitars, oud, accordion, frame drums, palmas, and the occasional clarinet for an inspired and bracing set of tunes. Liner notes in English, French, and Spanish translate lyrics that celebrate life, face death unflinchingly, and speak of the mothers' tears that link this world to the next."

"One of the most interesting French gypsy guitarists today"

Los Angeles Philharmonic / Hollywood Bowl

""Gitans" was not only ranked as one of the best albums of the year by critics around the world, but it is widely considered one of the best albums of Gypsy music ever recorded."
Dan Rosenberg, The Gypsy Road

01. Leito dje dje (trad.)
02. La petite mer (J. Saadna/T. Robin)
03. Pundela (trad.)
04. Payo michto (T. Robin)
05. Martinetes y debla (Trad./P. Garfias/J. del Encina)
06. Mehdi (T. Robin)
07. Katchur khan (trad.)
08. Hommage à Matelo
09. Cuivre (P. el lobo/trad./T. Robin)
10. Kurja (trad.)
11. Marraine (T. Robin)
12. Patchiv (T. Robin/trad.)
13. La famille (T. Robin)
14. Rumba do vesou (T. Robin)
15. Leito dje dje (trad.)

Thierry "Titi" Robin: guitar, 'ud, bouzouki
Gulabi Sapera: vocals
Paco el Lobo: vocals, palmas
Joseph "Mambo" Saadna: vocals, guitar, palmas
Amar "Bruno" Saadna: vocals, guitar, palmas
François Castiello: accordion / Bernard Subert: clarinet, bagpipes
Abdelkrim Sami: bendir tehti, darbouka
Hameed Khan: tablas
Francis-Alfred Moerman: guitar
Mahabub Khan: vocals


Vents D'est is a collaboration between the ensembles Ghymes and Vujicsics and is led by French musician Michel Montanero.
So many excellent musicians on one recording! Composer-musician M. Montanaro, with Vents d’Est, rewrites the geographical map of Europe with jazz and folk music, Czech, Slovak, Serb, Hungarian or French violins and harmonies are laced sometimes with swing sometimes with sacred music.

01. Dansa De L'Ors
02. Lettre Ouverte
03. Verdict
04. Arnaut Guilhem
05. Horo Na Gore
06. Viatge Marcha
07. Planh Dei Bomians
08. Dansa
09. Dama Lombarda
10. Leandre & Innocent
11. Prelude
12. Lavida No Tiene Sentido
13. Lamort de Maurin
14. Farandola Rasta
15. La Peur

Szarka Tamás - violin
Ökrös Csaba - violin
Borbély Mihály - clarinet, saxophone
Horváth Zoltán - tambura, cselló-tambura
Buják Andor - viola, clarinet
Béhr László - cimbalom
Eredics Gábor - accordion, tambura
Buják Krisztián - clarinet
Szendrődi Ferenc - tambura
Eredics Kálmán - double bass
Szarka Gyula - double bass
Aledo Pedro - guitar
Miquéu Montanaro - galube, tamburin, flutes
Gulserem Yildrim - voice
Pedro Aledo - voice
René Sette - voice


pass: bluesmen-worldmusic.blogspot.com

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