"Muzsikás - Within each genre that comes to North America as "world music," there is always one group of musicians designated as emissaries, virtually equated with that music for a time. In Hungarian folk circles, that group is Muzsikás".

Washington Post

01. Nem úgy van most, mint volt régen (It Is Not Like It Used to Be)
02. Adjon Isten minden jót (God Bless It All)
03. Tudod-e édesem (You Know Darling)
04. Mezöségi tánc (Folkdance)
05. Altató (Lullaby)
06. Félre gatya, pendely (I Want It All)
07. Vonat (Train - Bagpipe Improvisation)
08. Hulljatok levelek (Falling Leaves)
09. Legényes II (Lads Dance II)
10. Mikor mentem hazafelé (On the Way Home)

Márta Sebestyén - voice, recorder
Sándor Csoóri - guitar, hurdy-gurdy, viola, kobsa.
Éri Péter - double bass, buzuki, cello, viola, tambura, töröksip, folk shawm,
Dániel Hamar - double bass
Mihály Sipos - violin, zither.


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"Úzgin Űver was formed in 1991 in Kecskemet, Hungary. The name itself is the name of a Mongolian settlement, where an ancient sacred burial ground was discovered. It means something like ’dry desert area’, ’poor harvest’. The music is almost entirely instrumental, even the human voice is used as an instrument. Our aim from the beginning has been to create a unique blend of the folk music of different nations, using old and new instruments, sounds, tunes. Some characteristic instruments are: sax, clarinet, different kinds of flute, zurna, kaval, duduk, Jewish harp, bagpipes, violin, drums, percussions, electric guitar, sampler, HD-recorder and Tuva-style vocal."


Farkas Marcsi - violin, vocals;
Homoki Péter- guitar, keyboards, sampler, percussions;
Majoros gyula - clarinet, flutes, kaval, zurna, gaida, duduk, vocals;
Szilágyi Áron - jew's harps;
Almási Krisztián - drums
Paizs Miklós - furulya, trumpet, doromb, bells, dorombének

Part I.
Part II.

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The resulting Balkan Blues anthology sheds a new and different light on the deeply rooted cultural traditions and views that have so often sparked political and religious conflict in this region, for this double CD clearly shows that the music of the Balkans knows no national or ethnic boundaries. Balkan Blues is a musical journey through seven different countries, tracing two aspects of the Balkan soul – on the one hand, ballads that tell of pain and hope, and on the other hand the magical exuberance of the virtuoso performances that accompany joyous celebrations.

From Romania, we hear the melancholy ballads of the great masters Toni Iordache and Dumitru Farcas on cimbalon and taragot, and the legendary fiddler Stoican. We hear the inimitable vocal polyphony of Bulgaria and Albania, as well as a Wallachian Suite by the Bulgarian All Star Orchestra and some incredible solos on ancient instruments such as the gadulka, the kaval and the gaida. Greece brings us the highly accoladed clarinetist Petro-Loukas Chalkias with his Kompania, traditional remebtiko songs with original instruments, maverick lyra player Psanrantonis, and the gently poetic songs of Loudovikos. Serbia’s favourite musicians present the wild side of totally unfettered celebration. From the Bosnian mountains, we hear a heart-rending ballad of love. Macedonia is represented by Esma Redzepova, queen of Roma song, and by the brass orchestral sound that is to be found only in the Balkans, as well as by legendary clarinetist Ferus Mustafov, who composed the title track specially for this anthology.

More than half the tracks in this collection have never been recorded before, or are recorded here on CD for the first time. The lucid text was written by Professor Dr Manfred Bartmann of the University of Salzburg, a recognised authority on Balkan music. As he writes, "The 34 tracks on this CD eloquently document that the musical styles of the Balkans were never really "national" styles. In this awareness lies a glimmer of hope."

Disc: 1
01. Livezile Lui Ion - Achim Mica
02. Sâmbra Oilor Din Maramures - Dumitru Farcas
03. Si Hora - Ion Petre Stoican
04. De la Hulbesti (Si Voce) - Vasile Pandelescu
05. Geamparallele Lui Haidim - Toni Iordache
06. Mikro Kopelidaki Mou - Psarantonis & Ensemble
07. Afou 'Heis Allon Sti Kardia - Ross Daly
08. Mana - Loudovikos Ton Anoyion
09. Tesko Oro - Ensemble Rakija
10. Chelipe (Kolo) - Aleksander Sisic
11. Aven Romalen, Aven Cavalen - Vladimir Kandic
12. Edinaesetorca - Kocani Orkestar
13. Balkan Blues, Pt. 2 - King Ferus Mustafov, Milan Safkov
14. Cherenije - Esma Redzepova
15. Asene, Sinko - Mladen Kojnarov
16. Bavna Melodija I Râcenica - Dimitar Petrov
17. Stujan Otgore Vârvese - Komna Stojanova
18. Thëllëzë Që Shkel Mbi Vesë - Ensemble Tirana

Disc: 2
01. I Agápi Traguidiéte Pánta - Loudovikos Ton Anoyion
02. Emai Orfanós Apó Paidhí - Ross Daly, Nick Tramba
03. Skaros - Petro-Loucas Chalkias & Kompania
04. Oilor - Luca Novac
05. Inel, Inel, De Aur - Dona Dimitru Siminica
06. Balada Haiduceasca - Toni Iordache
07. Cantec de Maja - Vasile Vasilescu
08. Hora Be la Constanta - Ion Petre Stoican
09. Usti, Usti, Babo, O Davulja Maren - Olivera Katarina I Orkestar "Romalen"
10. Oh Ljubav, Ljubav - Ensemble Rakija
11. Preserka [#] - Blehorkestar Bakija Bakic
12. Balkan Blues - King Ferus Mustafov, Milan Safkov
13. Wallachian Suite - Brazilian All-Star Orchestra
14. Radka E Fljala V Gradina - Sestri Georgievi
15. Vito Pëllumbesha - Ensemble Tirana
16. Besèna Rovèna - Rromano Dives

Part I.
Part II.
Part III.
Part IV.

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