The Ukrainians continue to mix up our winning concoction of Western punk-pop and traditional Ukrainian sounds, a blend that's always best served live. As 'Q' magazine says "Going to a Ukrainians gig is like being at the mother of all parties".
The band has become established as the world's major exponent of a hybrid of traditional Ukrainian folk and Western rock music.
The group was discovered and pioneered by the legendary BBC Radio DJ John Peel. One of our sessions for the programme was included in MOJO magazine's '20 Landmark Peel Sessions'.

The group's eponymous debut album. Released the year Ukraine won its independence from the Soviet Union.

Hot rockin' original songs in the Ukrainian language written by band members Peter Solowka, Len Liggins, and Roman Remeynes, and backed by members of English indie guitar-pop band The Wedding Present on some tracks.

Mandolin, accordion and violin meet guitar, bass, drums: the result is loud, fast, and enjoyable. Jump on your horse!

"A new musical form might just have been born -- Cossack Thrash!"


"This is the sort of music you see people dancing to in restaurants totally pissed out of their brains and contemplating brutal but caring sex with waiters with massive moustaches and furry boots. I ended up taking it to bed with me and now I'm going to have its children."

01. Oi Divchino
02. Hopak
03. Ti Moyi Radoshchi
04. Zavtra
05. Slava Kobzarya
06. Dity Plachut
07. Cherez Richku, Cherez Hai
08. Pereyidu
09. Tebe Zhdu
10. Son

"The Legendary Len" - Lead Vocal, Violin
Mick - Guitars, Vocal
Woody - Drums
Jim - Bass
Stef - Accordion
Paul - Mandolin, Vocal
Peter - Guitar, Mandolin, Vocal



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