Besh o droM was founded in 1999. The band plays Balkan and Romanian gypsy and Middle Eastern traditional music in their unique interpretation, mixing various styles and musical background. Most of the tunes they play are traditional ones and they take the liberty to use any tunes they really like and enjoy.

Their first concert in Budapest was a great success and they have become extremely popular in Hungary since than. They play at Hungary's best festivals, clubs and cultural venues, always to great audiences. Wherever Besh o droM plays, their audiences instantly get on their feet and dance.
Besh o droM in Gypsy language means "sit on the road" literally, but its real meaning is "follow your path, get on with it". It is also wordplay in Hungarian meaning "I am rolling?" (a cigarette). Besh o droM's first CD entitled "Macsó hímzés" (again a wordplay with a local folk connotation, 'Macho embroidery' in literal translation).

Balkan trance & gipsy madness on XXI century's way. Sax instead of trumpet, cimbalom instead of tambura, Besh o droM instead of Goran Bregovic. Dance and enjoy!

01. Pusztító
02. Space Maudi
03. 9 S
04. Mahala
05. Katalin
06. Román Swing
07. Lazító
08. Talyata
09. Sufi Light
10. Kecskés

Ági Szalóki - vocals
Ádám Pettik - percussion
Gergély Barcza - soprano and alto saxophone, ney, zurna, flute
Csába Bese - bass guitar
Attila Sidoo - guitar, tambura
József Csurkulya - cimbalom
Róbert Farkas - violin, accordion
Géza Orczy - percussion
Péter Tóth - trumpet
DJ Mango (Márk Jávor) - scratch

Part 1.
Part 2.

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