1. She has a white dress on
Rolled song from Baks
02. I have still a long way to go
Slow song from Nyírvasvári
03. My trousers are buttoned all along
Rolled song from Békés county
04. Lina
Ballad from Mezõtúr
05. Oh, my God, who is there
Rolled dance song
06. There are five potatoes in the pot
Rolled song from Békés county
07. Get up, Gypsies
Ballad from Békés county
08. Shieve-makers do not drink wine
Rolled song in Rumanian style
09. My Heart Is Heavy
Slow song from Szatmár county
10. Give, woman, my stick to me
Gypsy dance song from Rumania
11. Oral bass improvisations
12. Like birds
Ballad in Balcan Gypsy style
13. The devil has hidden in my stick
Stick dance tune from Kántorjánosi
14. I would eat salten onions
Dance song of the trough-maker (Boyash) Gypsies
15. Over there under a little tree
Gypsy slow song from Transylvania
16. Poor Joska
Rolled song from Szatmár county
17. Song for Mercy
Based on a Gypsy folk legend of Boyash Gypsies from Zala county.

Ágnes Künstler - voice, snapping with fingers
József Nagy - oral bass, water can
József Balogh - oral bass, voice, guitar, spoons, tambura, whistle
Gusztáv Varga - voice, guitar, oral bass

Norbert Bangó - double-bass,
János Vass – viola


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