Ando Drom (On the Road) Gypsy folklore group was founded in Budapest in 1984. Since the members come from different segments of the Hungarian Gypsy population, the group presents a wide range of styles and variations within gypsy music and culture. They perform on a high artistic level and present the traditional music and dances of the Gypsy people in an authentic, at the same time modern way. They also make arrangements and new compositions in order to introduce the feelings and life of today's Gypsies, representing therefore a living and original folklore. The songs are sung in Gypsy language, accompanied by guitar, mandolin and tambura: for percussion they use spoons, jugs, wooden through and oral bass.

The individual gypsy musical sound of Ando Drom, the successful arrangements and the independent compositions that became famous , he redrafting of gypsy music are connected with Jenő Zsigó. As the leader of Ando Drom his work has always been tending to give opportunity to the development of talented gypsy musicians the beginning on in an always widening circle from. Along more than 15 years prepared many dancers and singers for acting on the stage and let them set off alone to proclaim, deserve and renew the heritage of the gypsy music. From the school of Ando Drom was set in emotion the careers of Mitsou, the members of Romano Drom, Romano Glaso, Lindri , Rom Som, and The Szilvási Gypsy Folk Band, etc.

Ando Drom founded and leaded By Jeno Zsigó is a musical-pedagogical workshop, where the singing and dancing is not only stunning but a continuous creation and the solution of artistic and human development. That is why it has got penetrative strong. The new sound of the group with 3 voiced singing and the extraordinary rhythm is the boldest and the most deepened musical sound in the history of Ando Drom.

"One must love and suffer to be able to sing: one must lose home and country, take the road to arrive anywhere. Once you have found the lonliness of communities, you can take unheard-of musical instruments into your hands, create heavenly sonds from wood, ivory and air. And then your blood pulses in four-eightht rhythm, your muscles move uncontrollably, and from somewhere very deep, streams of words appear with thousand-year-old tunes.
The profane prayers of Ando drom are such songs of pain and longing. Spiritual moments for people, of people. Because the world has turned two-faced, and everything we feel is painful. But never mind, once we will also be forgiven, and curly black haired fellows follow girls with sparkling eyes, and the money deliverer brings loveletters full of true emotions to everyone.
The music of Ando drom is a harmony full of true emotions, and it belongs to everyone who is longing for love in this world without music."
Lukács Csaba

01. Karing Szo Me Phirav - Zöld Az Erdő
02. Szállj Fekete Szárnyú Madár
03. Pergyij E Bar Lulugyenca - Bátori Pergető
04. Téglaporos A Kalapom & Nem tudjátok, Hogy Ki Vagyok
05. Opre Phirdem
06. Diófának Három Ága
07. Sza Tele Zsav
08. Iszik A Kocsmán Három Cigány & Szode Seja & Vasvári Pergető & Addig Máma Nem Eszek
09. Lingraji Szi
10. Ahaj Devla Szo Te Kerav
11. Le Shavore
12. Nincsen Apám (József A.) & Mikor Kicsi Gyerek Voltam & Azt Hittem Az Eső Esik & Szode Seja
13. Phari Mamo
14. De Ta Devla

Zsigó Jenő
Horváth Mónika
Bihari Imre
Dobi Matild
Balogh Rudolf



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