The story of Barbaro:
It was a new years eve party back in 1986 when Herpai and Jorgosz met. They had a blast… As a matter of fact they had so much fun that they decided to form a band. After the drunkennes was gone the plan was still alive and the band was coming together quickly.
In February of '87 in the basement of the Lágymányos Community Centre the "ancient" Barbaro started rehearsing. Sándor Cziranku - guitar, Sándor Herpai - drums, Miklós Lengyelfi II. - bass, Ökrös Csaba - violin and Tzortzoglou Jorgosz - lead vocal and derbuca. The Band first live gig took place at the Diósgyõr Folk Festival in the summer of '87. The Band's unusual sound was a huge success. The first formation of the group didn't live too long. First Ökrös, then Lengyelfi said good bye to Barbaro. They got replaced by Nikola Parov and Tamás Zsoldos.
Barbaro made its first album in 1990 with it's new line-up. The album contained covers of folk songs and it was released on Hungaroton Records. Titled simply: Barbaro I.

01 - Kerek a szöllö (Round Is The Grape)
02 - Haramia (Brigand)
03 - Bánat (Grief)
04 - Kórus (Choir)
05 - Elment az én rózsám (My Rose Is Gone)
06 - Adjon az Isten (God Give You)
07 - Kesergés (Lamentation)
08 - Gyere ki te (Come Out You)
09 - Barbár tánc (Barbaric Dance)
10 - Hösi ének (Heroic Song)



"Folkrádió is a not-for-profit, 24-hour online radio service featuring traditional folk music. It primarily broadcasts Hungarian folk music, but music of other peoples and ethnic groups living in the Carpathian Basin, as well as other types of music of folk origin also can be heard on Folkrádió. The Folkrádió Foundation has been founded to maintain the radio and the website.

The idea of Folkrádió was born at the end of 2001. Since traditional folk music could hardly be heard on any channel, we felt it important to have a radio that filled this gap. After creating the necessary technical and legal conditions, on March 15, 2003 the first, experimental show went on the air. Folkrádió is run by enthusiastic folk music lovers who receive no compensation for their work. Currently the radio can only be heard online but we plan to launch the service via other channels as well.

In the meantime many supporters and volunteers have assisted the project. Among our professional supporters we are proud to mention the Hungarian Heritage House and the folklorist István Pávai whose advices and assistance means particularly much to us. We work together with a lot of folk music labels, musicians and collectors, therefore new releases appear almost immediately on our playlist.

The domain name not only leads to a folk music radio channel but also includes a searchable folk music database and an Internet meeting place for folk music lovers. On our Hungarian-language pages visitors can also find lyrics, an event calendar, a press review, a photo gallery, links, a forum and a mailing list.

We hope Folkrádió will continue to spread and share the love for this beautiful music for a long time."


New acoustic music mixing Hungarian trad components into jazzish, eclectically influenced arrangements on sax, folk flutes, guitar, mandolin, percussion etc. Cellist Judit Bonyár's vocals move from trad through Piaf-esque to jazz. Ingenious and well played but seems so carefully planned and rehearsed it doesen't quite break loose and stir.

01 Esőtánc
02 Elrepülnék
03 Szerelem
04 Porba húzó
05 Elvirágzik
06 Jaj, de bolond

Judit Bonyár – vocal, cello, pipe
József Gáspár „Gazsi” - saxophone, flute, trumpet, vocal, mouth organ
Péter Hűvösvölgyi – guitars, mandolin
Zoltán Tóth „Csüli” - drums, percussion



Journey in Gitania to obtain an insinght into the wonderful world of the gypsy folk music.

A cigány folklór eredendően világzene. Internacionalizmusát mi sem bizonyítja jobban, mint hogy a Vízöntő együttes Gitania Express című albumán a régi magyar udvarházak világa éppúgy megelevenül, mint a spanyol románcok esengése.

02.Coki kutya (Be off Dog)
03.Álom álom (Dream Dream)
04.Árva árva (Orphaned)
05.Kirci kondás (Swineherd You)
06.Cigány valcer (Gypsy Waltz)
07.Fáj a kutyámnak (My Dog`s Foot)
08.Üssetek verjetek (Give me a Good Drubbing)
09.Uccu kurva (Get on You Whore)
10.Szilvaédes (Plumpsweet)
11.Azt hittem (I Thought)


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