Bulgarian folk music contains a special mixture of the musical traditions of Europe and Asia. In the folk music of Bulgarian Illyrian, Greek, Byzantie, Turkish, and Thracian element can be found. The balkan is a bridge between Europe and Asia, thus it is normal that both cultures had and still have had their effects on it.

The 500 years Turkish rule over Bulgarian inspired and stimulated the folk music in the country. Music, singing and dancing were the way of expression and th artistic connection among people in those hard days. All of them had their important role in the everyday life.
Some of the songs were sung on religous feasts, social events, while others helped the monotonous work in the fields and in the spining room. There were also dance tunes, for which people could dance for even an hour. The "table song" were sung at convival evenings, engagements and christening feasts - a good singer was always a welcome guests at these events. Charasteristic music instruments are: goatskin bagpipe, kaval, tambura, duduk, gadulka (violin from the balkan), zuma (Turkish flute), tapan (double-bottomed drum) and tarambuka (side drum).

On album we would like to illustrate a part of the folk music from the Balkan featuring mostly the part-songs of South-West Bulgaria.

01. Ogrejala Meszecsinka - Feljött a Hold
02. Peter i Penka - Péter és Penka
03. Podje Jane - Elment Jane
04. Pcselice - Méhecske
05. Sznosti e Dobra - Este Dobra...
06. Taja Gora Bogdanova - Bogdán erdejében
07. Zalibi Szi Edno Libe - Szerelmes vagyok
08. Prela Baba Tri Godini - Három évig...
09. A Bre Babo - Jaj jóasszony
10. Gine Gine - Ej Gine
11. Sto e Ogrejela - Feljött a hold
12. Veter Pro - Nagy vihar
13. Georgina
14. Tragal Mi Jane - Elindul Jane
15. Szadila Moma - A lányka
16. Jermelija
17. Szokol - Sólyom
18. Raszti Bore - Nőjj fenyőfa
19. Odesi Moma Pavlina - Megy Pavlina

Bognár Szilvia - vocal
Farkas Tünde - vocal
Izsák Katalin - vocal
Szluka Judit - vocal

Búzás Attila - tambura
Németh György - kaval, bagpipe
Orczy Géza - tambura, tapan, darabuka


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