Los Angeles, CA- Called “one of the hottest emerging acts” by Time Out, Rupa & The April Fishes are specialists in crossing borders and building bridges musically, and that is exactly what they do on their new album este mundo. The messages on este mundo come from the real life experiences and travels of the band and lead singer Rupa, who is a practicing physician by day in a San Francisco hospital.

The record addresses many issues including life, love, art, death and the real and artificial divisions that keep us apart. By mixing musical elements of Gypsy swing, Colombian cumbia, French chanson and Indian ragas the band achieves a sound that effortlessly blurs the boundaries of genre and geography. According to lead singer Rupa, “este mundo is a collection of sounds and songs highlighting life’s accidental beauty and surging joy as well as their inexorable partner: human suffering.”

“French, Latin and any number of Gypsy-adjacent influences course through their mix with a pleasantly ‘San Franciscan’ kind of flourish. A little like riding with the top down in a double-decker bus, careening through seven or eight crowded ethnic neighborhoods, each one in the middle of a massive street party.”

“If their debut reflected the Bush regime, Este Mundo seems to reflect the optimism of a new era.”

“at the cutting edge of world music… an ingenious mix.”

“What drives this whip-smart artist and her five mixed race band mates is a need to engage and stimulate in ways that get people hoping and thinking.”

01. (La Frontera)
02. C'est Moi
03. Por La Frontera
04. Linea
05. Rose
06. Culpa De La Luna
07. Éléphant
08. Soledad
09. (El Camino Del Diablo
10. Este Mundo
11. Soy Payaso
12. Neruda
13. Trouble
14. Estrella Caida
15. Espero La Luna

Marcus "The Tone" Cohen: trumpet
Isabel "Iz" Douglass: accordion, voice
Aaron "Rhone-Ditty-Rhone" Kierbel: percussion, contraptions, fish
Safa "Jazz Spy" Shokrai: upright bass
Ara Anderson: trumpet, bass trumpet
Rupa: songstress, voice, guitar


pass: bluesmen-worldmusic.blogspot.com

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