"Slonovski bal breathes a wind native to the central European Balkans. A perfumed wind, blended with the centennial epic of the Gypsies and a unique mix of European, Slavic, Turkish and Mediterrennean cultures, wich brought us a unique tradition of oriental brass band music.
Grooving with the roaring sounds of tubas, the water-flow of the accordeon, the tender whisper of the clarinet or the blasting clamour of the trumpet, Slonovski Bal steps out like a herb of young elephants joggling through this oriental breeze. Slonovski bal, wich means "the Elephant's Bal" in serbian, is on the top-flight revival of Eastern European music, both there and here, totaly involved in the evolution of composition and improvisation. In this way they crosses Europe boosted by the luminous energy of such dances as Coceks, Sa-Sa and devilish Kolos played at the speed of light and thunder."

01 Uvod
02 Merak Cocek
03 Rumunski Swing
04 Hocemo li u Sabac
05 Sabacko Kolo
06 Kerta Mange Dae
07 Ussak taksim
08 Numara
09 Sano Duso
10 Ciganska Terga
11 Burgarska balada
12 Cacak
13 Ganci Kolo
14 Revisko Oro


"Centuries ago our ancestors had conquered half the globe and amazed the world with our culture and tradition. Now we the young generation will conquer once more with our music that is Folk Rock. We hail from Mongolia , Central Asia and we are the “ Алтан Ураг ”. “ALTAN URAG” can be translated or referred to as the Khan's kin.
We play folk rock music and our band was formed in May, 2002. That same year we performed our first time gig at the “Roaring Hooves” international ethnic, contemporary music festival in Mongolia .

In 2004 the first album of the band was released under the name “Foal's Been Born”. The album had various traditional music influences and came out as a folk, contemporary album. Second album “Made in Altan Urag” has 11 tracks of folk rock music and songs and it was released from Sonor records in December 2006. Band members are professional musicians who graduated music colleges and actual same class colleagues."

Altan Urag

01 - Intro
02 - Requiem
03 - Ijii Mongol (Mother Mongolia)
04 - Khukh Tolboton (Blue Mark)
05 - Davalgaa (Waves)
06 - Khiliin Chandad (Abroad)
07 - Shiree Nuur (Shiree Lake)
08 - Raakh Ii
09 - Araatan (Beast)
10 - Ikh Mongol (Great Mongolia)
11 - Outro


pass: bluesmen-worldmusic.blogspot.com

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