The Unternationale is Detroit born /Berlin transplant singer-songwriter Daniel Kahn & legendary Moscow avantgarde song bard Psoy Korolenko. The First Unternational was recorded in July 2007 in Tel-Aviv, a new project of post-post-dialectic klezmer for an orgy of -isms: social-, zion-, antizion-, chassid-, national-, satan-, alcohol-, modern-, all in alternating English, Russian, and Yiddish. It's Laibach meets Theodore Bikel.

Psoy Galaktionovich Korolenko (born April 26, 1967) is a pseudonym of a Russian Jewish song writer and performer by the name of Pavel Eduardovich Lion. At the same time Pavel Lion is a slavist with a Ph.D. in Russian literature.

His pseudonym comes from Vladimir Korolenko, Russian writer (1853—1921), whose works are subject of Pavel's research. Psoy performs his own and others’ songs, accompanying himself to keyboard instruments, mainly a Casio sequencer in accordion timbre. Experimenting with quite various song traditions he sings in about 6 or 7 languages, most frequently in Russian, Yiddish, English and French.

Korolenko's perhaps most known song is Buratino, which is just a repetition of the same phrase many times, aimed to poke fun at modern rap and trance music. The 'song' has been done several times, and a multitude of remixes have been made out of it.

Psoy has toured many places. He has had concerts in many states, Berlin, London, and more. His music is popular both with adults, and Russian teenagers. He rewrites many songs, and also has translated some songs from Russian to Yiddish.

01. Sympathy for whom?
02. Oh you foolish little zionists
03. Sher
04. Ekh lyuli lyuli
05. I raise my hand up and I swear... + The hope
06. Beneath the salt sea
07. Think!
08. Nye zhuritye khloptsy
09. The Tinternationale
10. The Number

Daniel Kahn - vocals, accordion, ukulele, piano, music box
Psoy Korolenko - vocals and piano

Gershon Leizersohn - violin and vocals
Noam Inbar - vocals and percussion
Eyal Talmudi - clarinet and percussion
Avichai Tuchman - double bass
Assaf Talmudi - accordion



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