The Band says:
"We got acquainted studying the repertoire of traditional Jewish musicians - klezmers, in the kitchen of the rented apartment of one familiar guitarist on Prospekt Mira. In the process of creative mess and disorder we spent several months and played several open and closed gigs, among them one real Jewish wedding.

Concert in the synagogue of shtetl Saltykovka in Moscow region in November 2004 finally confirmed people in their desire to play Jewish music. Mess and disorder ended by that time, the group has got constant staff and name - "Der partizaner kish" ("The kiss of partisan girl").

The style of our group unites the desire to give to everybody, who hears us, the possibility to cry and at the same time - possibility to make merry and to have a dance. Therefore we sing shrill lyrical Jewish songs in Yiddish, and also play traditional rollicking wedding music."

01. Shvester Khaye
02. Yam-lid
03. Der Terk in Amerike
04. Borsht
05. Vilne
06. Moldovian Hora
07. Lid fun Titanik
08. Gas nign
09. Tepl
10. A nign
11. Dzhankoe
12. Oylem Habo

Anna Smirnitskaya - vocal, guitar
Alexandra Skvortsova - violin, back-vocal
Vladimir Zaslavsky - mandolin
Dmitriy Shamshin - percussion
Matvey Gaidukov - bass-guitar



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