The group Makám  is founded in 1984 in Budapest. A group with many different groups, but always manages Zoltán Krulik special singers to win.Singers with a more or less the same as quality and tembre: Bognár Szilvia , Palya Bea , Ági Szalóki and crystal clear Iren Lovász . The daughter of Krulik, Eszter Krulik  plays on several CDs.Ferenc Academy of Music in Budapest. She studied violin at Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music in Budapest.   After the debut album the band gets some notoriety through the movie's Utcazeneszek Zolnai Pál (Buskers at a flea market). Now they have more than "a dozen CDs, always with a haunting quality.

Makám arrived a new turning point in it's carreer with this album - like ten years ago, when the instrumental period has changed to a vocal period. Yanna Yova focuses on todays atmosphere, musical movements and the toughts of the modern city living human being.

01.    Távol
02.    Mozi
03.    Yanna Yova
04.    Hazafelé
05.    Tolvaj idő
06.    Soha már
07.    Sms
08.    Világoskék
09.    Tova tűnt
10.    Ahmedabad

Zóra Hornai - voice
Klára Korzenszky - voice
Olga Horváth - violin, voice
Dávid Eredics - clarinet, kaval, saxophone, harmonium
Zoltán Krulik - guitar, harmonium, tampura, voice
Attila Boros - bass guitar
László Keöch - drums, cajon, udu, guiró, aquaphone, throat singing



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