The comédie des sens of Paris meets the European spleen of Zagreb. Cosmopolitan influences of immigration clash with Balkan traditions. Join the Cargo Orkestar for a mysterious musical journey, rough and real, made of questioning, pain, joy and humour.

"Eastern European music has never really been my thing; generally speaking, I see the word "Balkan" and my eyes start to glaze over... But then there are always surprises, particularly discs like this odd, atmospheric offering by Darko Rundek, a Croatian actor and musician who was once in a band called Haustor, and now fronts the uber-eclectic Cargo Orkestar... The opening number is enough to put any open-eared world music fan on notice: this ain't your grandma's Balkan music. Mixing moody, murky jazz-pop with styles indigenous to his Yugoslavian homeland -- notably gypsy and Arabic melodic themes -- Rundek crafts a multilayered, multifaceted, artsy sound, equally challenging and compelling, music that may remind listeners of irony-drenched, postmodern troubadours such as Tom Waits and Paulo Conte, who have taken their creative efforts into a different stratosphere than the legions of rude rockers and rappers that drown the soundscape. Anyway, even though the Slavic culture remains alien and unappealing to me, I could still recognize the spark of brilliance and timelessness in this album... It's definitely worth checking out!"

Daily Times, 14.07.2004

01.Commedie de sens.
02. Ista slika.
03. Kuba.
04. Mlin tema.
05. Makedo.
06. Ruke.
07. Sjaj što izdaje.
08. Sanjam.
09. Tigidigi rege.
10. Stojim i gledam kako postojim.
11. Ti i ja.
12. Mlin reggae.
13. Kuba (Technicolor RMX By Vedran Peternel.
14. Makedo (Balkan Version).
15. Untitled.

Isabel - violin, electric violin;
Darko Rundek - bass, guitar, synthesizer, percussion, lead vocals;
Đani Pervan - drums, bass, percussion, backing vocals;
Vedran Peternel - sound effects, processing;
Dušan Vranić - piano, bandoneon, harmonium, zither, melodica, organ, backing vocals;

Arnold Achard - cello;
René Aubry - guitar, quatro,
Philippe Botta - soprano sax;
Marc Buronfosse, Laurent Le Gall - double bass;
Nenad Grahovac - trombone;
Jakša Kriletić - clarinet, sax;
Jean Baptiste Laya - guitar;
Loma Gosa - string quartet,
Igor Pavlica - trumpet



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