Erika Serre is a Gypsy singer who was noticed quite a while ago by two film-makers, Tony Gatlif and Emir Kusturica. This Parisian of Hungarian origin, knows how to surround herself with people : featured musicians on the Emigrante band include Gypsy and French musicians, a tabla player from Rajhastan, a jazzman, a bass player from Cameroon and some off-the-wall musicians like the drummer Buj or the Syrian-Sicilian guitar player Serge Leonardi who seals the wholeness of these brilliant compositions.
With this second album, the group starts to change its direction towards rock. The guitars of Sergio Leonardi are particularly put in the front, notably on the cover of "Kashmir" of Led Zeppelin. The result is one of indisputable originality.

01. Satore
02. Jaipur
03. Johnny Tu N'Es Pas Un Ange
04. L'Amor Senza Pace
05. Bismillah
06. Kashmir
07. L'Amour
08. Chalo
09. Yallah
10. Mando
11. Tzigane From Mars
12. Te Vas Sukarije
13. Morocharo
14. Sandala
15. Lélé

Erika Serre - chant
Sergio Leonardi - guitar
DD Bell - bass
Latif Ahmed khan - tabla
François Laizeau - drums



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