"Deolinda combines Portuguese fado and Brazilian music brilliantly.
Without a doubt, one of the freshest, most charming and beguiling releases I've heard in quite some time comes from the Portuguese group Deolinda, named for the fictitious female created by guitarist/songwriter Pedro da Silva Martins.

Within 22 weeks of its release, the disc went platinum in Portugal. Fronted by Lisbon singer Ana Bacalhau, a jazz singer by trade, the acoustic quartet takes a cue from traditional Portuguese fado and Brazilian music. It also trades on the stunning success of Portuguese singer Mariza although Deolinda is decidedly more folk. .

While you won't necessarily know it from listening unless you're fluent in Portuguese. , Deolinda's lyrics tell stories that are incisive slices of everyday life. In "Mal Por Mal," Deolinda explains to her lover that "I'm the person you've always wanted me to be/I have a job and a normal life/but when I get up and don't know who I am who I've become/I start going crazy/Your good is my bad."
Highly recommended!"
Michael Lipton

01. Mal Por Mal
02. Fado Toninho
03. Nao Sei Falar De Amor
04. Contado Ninguém Acredita
05. Eu Tenho Um Melro
06. Movimento Perpétuo Associativo
07. O Fado Nao É Mau
08. Lisboa Nao É A Cidade Perfeita
09. Fon-Fon-Fon
10. Fado Castigo
11. Ai Rapaz
12. Cançao Ao Lado
13. Garçonete Da Casa De Fado
14. Clandestino

Ana Bacalhau: vocals
Luís José Martins: classical guitar, ukulele, cavaquinho, guitalele, viola braguesa and vocals
Pedro da Silva Martins: composition, lyrics, classical guitar and vocals
Zé Pedro Leitao: double bass and vocals


pass: bluesmen-worldmusic.blogspot.com

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